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Drive along any main road in Wexford and Missaukee Counties and you will see wooden billboards covered with rosy-cheeked, Caucasian infants and toddlers looking out to the road accompanied with slogans like “Had an abortion? There is forgiveness in Jesus” or, “Abortion – the ultimate child abuse.” The images and messages are designed to intimidate […]

… belief is the death of intelligence” – Robert Anton Wilson On social media anti-choicers applauded Robert L. Dear for stopping the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood from murdering more babies while most of the GOP presidential candidates remain mute over the attack on the health care clinic. So far, Mike Huckabee exercised his lack of […]

It was a cold December night in 1986 when Planned Parenthood on West Michigan Avenue in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was firebombed by an unknown terrorist. The Up North Progressive lived in an apartment at the time close enough to be awakened by the explosion. That morning the shock of seeing half of the building destroyed in […]

(This article was written by Hoi Polloi and first appeared on Daily Kos January 25, 2014) On December 11, 2013, the state legislature in Michigan voted on a petition measure titled, “No Taxes For Abortion Insurance.” The petition, circulated by Michigan Right to Life collected signatures telling people this was to make sure tax dollars […]

Once upon a time in America no true conservative would dream of telling another person what they were allowed to do or not do. The only concern was no other breathing, living person be harmed with what an individual did. Pretty simple, right? These days, too many people are confused on what being a real […]

In the past week two events happened within days of each other that most would over look having anything in common. The first event was the email Lisa Vogel sent out announcing that this year’s 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival would be the last. The second was the expulsion of the Honey Badger Brigade from […]

Since 1976 in a secluded wooded setting in Northern Michigan women from all over the world gathered to share space and music at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. This haven for lesbian and feminist folk began for the purpose of creating women or womyn-only space where lesbian feminist issues could be discussed in a safe […]

At the same time HB 4147, the bill that requires public schools to allow all and any form of public religious expression to take place anywhere and any time on school property was introduced, another house bill, HB 4140 was sponsored and sent to committee. This bill is just as ridiculous, but for completely different […]

Senator Debbie Stabenow was elected co-chair of the Great Lakes Task Force. She will share leadership with Republican Senator Mark Kirk. The organization works to protect the environmental integrity and is made up of members of Congress who represent states bordering the Great Lakes. Both senators have a distinguished record of working to protect the […]

“There is more than one kind of freedom,” said Aunt Lydia. “Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it.” – Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel written in the 1980s’ but still relevant today. […]

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