Principal Vanishing Act Part Too: Implausible Deniability

Thursday , 15, June 2017 Leave a comment

Since Monday, Up North Progressive has enjoyed a large number of visitors due to the bizarre behavior of Grand Traverse Academy concealing Principal Brooke Capser’s leaving the for-profit charter school for a new job in Big Sky Country. Today the Traverse City Record-Eagle tapped in to run pass interference for GTA:

Officials at Missoula County Public Schools confirmed GTA elementary principal Brooke Capser has been hired to serve as principal beginning in July at Lowell School in Montana. But GTA officials said they were unaware of her new position and have not started a replacement process.

MCPS’ board of education approved Capser’s hire at a board meeting Tuesday. The district’s Director of Human Resources David Rott said Casper will begin serving in her new role next month.

Capser refused to confirm information related to her move. GTA Superintendent Susan Dameron said she was unaware of Capser’s new job offer and has no immediate plans to find a replacement before next school year

“That’s news to me,” Dameron added.

What, Capser’s leaving? WE HAD NO IDEA.

Here’s the facts.

The Principals Message page was updated in late may to reflect Brook Capser was the new principal of Lowell School.

Once discovered, rumors started that GTA would be looking for a new principal soon.

Susan “that’s news to me” Dameron and GTA board member Leslie Werth denied this happening. The Principals Message page changed after May 27, 2017, with the outgoing principal’s name.

That Capser found a job with a new school isn’t the story here, the story is that GTA administration and board made efforts to cover up Capser’s new job with staff, parents, and students, and now with the help of local press the cover up continues. If you’re associated with GTA, you should be asking what is the purpose of a so-called “public” school covering up staff changes.

To Brooke Capser, good luck with your new job in Montana. Lowell School will be better because you’re there.

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