Tea Party Charter School is One Vote Away From Becoming Reality

Monday , 14, March 2016 3 Comments

The school based on a strict right-wing conservative agenda is one vote away from opening this fall.

Livingston LindbomAmericanChristian Classical Academy found a home in Whitmore Lake Public Schools. The school board granted them a charter in January, and on March 5 the LCA committee held an open house. Tonight, the Charter Township of Brighton Planning Commission will vote whether to allow the new for-profit charter school to construct a building at a meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. This is the last obstacle stopping Tea Party Charter School from opening in the fall of 2016.

Tea Party Charter School is the fever dream of Pasquale Battaglia, the racist social media icon who talks about indoctrinating children at taxpayer expense between racist rants about President Obama and everyone else he hates, which is everyone who isn’t just as racist and bigoted as he. The school will use Hillsdale College’s politically biased curriculum. According to Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative:

The public school is arguably among the most important battlegrounds in our war to reclaim our country from forces that have drawn so many away from first principles. This mission has led us to consider how we can lead in the effort to recover our public schools from the tide of a hundred years of progressivism that has corrupted our nation’s original faithfulness to the previous 24 centuries of teaching the young the liberal arts in the West.

Those well-versed in the art of the dog whistle recognize this rhetoric immediately. When conservatives talk about reclaiming our country from progressivism and restore first principles, what they really mean is make rich white males the dominant class. Something that has yet to be taken away, but they’re convinced it’s happening anyway. Curious place for Whitmore Lake Public Schools to be; providing space for a school with the philosophy of putting public schools out of business.

The meeting is tonight at 7 pm located at 4363 Buno Road, Brighton, MI 48114.

3 thoughts on “ : Tea Party Charter School is One Vote Away From Becoming Reality”
  • Anita Senkowski [AKA 'Miss Fortune'] says:

    So what’s the status of the Lindbom Elementary School building? Looks like Battaglia still owns it.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Still plans for development, but it’s not going to be a school now. Some kind of housing development.

  • Glenn IKens says:

    Up North Progressive, thank you for your continued reporting on this charter school. They are still alive and well and they are pushing to spread their Tea Party agenda in our public schools. Your reporting is critical exposure of their true aims.

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