Meet Castlebond Enterprises LLC: The Downstate For-Profit Charter School Management Coming To Scottville

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All for-profit charter schools in Michigan have a specific hierarchal structure to them. There is the authorizer, which oversees the not elected by the public school board. The board is responsible for keeping track of the management company’s management of the school. The management company is a for-profit corporation tasked with managing the school, the employees, and the finances.

Notice how much of a priority education is in this figure. This graphic is from Castlebond Enterprise’s website.

Who owns Castlebond Enterprises? The corporate team is made up of two people: Mario and Luigi. Castlebond Enterprises first incorporated in 2007, as seen here.

Mario contacted a attorney and with their help incorporated Castlebond Enterprises with Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department. The date the paperwork was filed with the state is September 17, 2007, with a business address of 20893 Woodland Glen Drive, #102, Northville, MI. Here is a picture of that business location.

Mario in 2007 was superintendent of West Village Academy. Xe held that job for a whole eight months. Before that, Xe was the principal of the same charter school. Xe had that job for an entire year. In fact, the longest xe’s ever worked for any for-profit charter school is Madison Academy for The Romine Group, another private charter school management company. Xe managed to work over three years at Madison Academy. Xe does have some public school experience. For three years xe worked at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia as a sixth grade teacher before leaving that job to move upward in xis career as an … assistant manager at Borders … yes, the book store that is now out of business.

What about Castlebond Enterprises during that time? It appears that Mario forgot about xis LLC for a while, because in 2011 there’s new paperwork filed with LARA Dated August 23. 2011.

Looks like that LegalZoom lawyer forgot to tell Mario that corporate entities in the state of Michigan are required to file annual reports so the state knows if you’re making any money or not. There’s a new address on the reinstatement form too. 4519 Knollcrest Drive, Ann Arbor. Annual reports for 2008 through 2011 are also filed on the same day as the reinstatement form.

There seems to be some confusion if Knollcrest is actually a Road or a Drive, but it doesn’t matter really. Manta, the business listing website says Knollcrest is a road and has a snapshot of what the company provides.

If you’re wondering what Castlebond’s business location looksed like, click on the image. Notice that bit over on the right side of the image above? This house was sold on June 5th of this year.

The 2014 annual report was filed by the other partner of Castlebond Enterprises, Luigi.

Before being part of the Castlebond team, xe worked for the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, or MAPSA. Before MAPSA, Luigi worked in charter schools.

If the house in Knollcrest Drive (or Road) was sold this past summer, where does Castlebond Enterprises currently reside? The online Yellow Pages website claims the LLC operates at 6985 Woonsocket Street in Canton, MI.

A company started in 2007, forgotten until 2011, and how many for-profit charter schools do they operate? The Michigan Department of Education lists three. None of them will be open this coming school year.

Meet the team from Castlebond Enterprises who will manage Gateway To Success in Scottville. The economically sound business model the Heflins provide must surely guarantee that the school replacing Journey Junior Senior High School will  welcome back every alternative ed student with open arms by Jamie Bandstra.  He’s doing it for the kids, right?

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  • Professor says:

    Great article. .these clowns will scam the people of Michigan and education of these students will be lost.

  • Dandj says:

    It’s Scottville

  • Glenn Ikens says:

    Once again, keep up this reporting. These outfits are shameless. They are fleecing the state with impunity. Their powerful Tea Party friends are enabling their every move.

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