Public Comment Period Extended For Yellow Dog Watershed Lease

Friday , 21, August 2015 2 Comments

Three weeks ago the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced Eagle Mine wanted approval for a mineral lease for 40 more acres in Michigamme Township, Marquette County, in the Upper Peninsula.

The parcel in particular – NE1/4 NE1/4, Section 8, T50N,R29W. – contains the headwaters of Anderson Creek and the Yellow Dog River. The region is home for rare flora, fauna, and endangered species. Mining in the area will cause extensive damage to the land, especially the headwaters that feed Anderson Creek and the Yellow Dog River.

The standard 30 day period for public comment has been extended another 30 days. People wishing to express their views about Eagle Mine’s intention to disturb more delicate wetlands in search of mineral ore for profit in the Upper Peninsula now have until September 25, 2015 to contact the Michigan DNR. Interested parties may contact Karen Maidlow, Property Specialist, Office of Minerals Management, DNR, P.O. Box 30452, Lansing, Michigan, 48909-7952, or by email at

2 thoughts on “ : Public Comment Period Extended For Yellow Dog Watershed Lease”
  • Judy Moore says:

    When is this going to stop! The Government selling or leasing Indian land that is rightfully theirs by treaty many years ago is just wrong. Who do these elected officials think they are to jut totally ignore the law——and treaties, we have not forgotten who owns that land. Rise up and speak, do not allow any more land, not one acre to go to unworthy men. They steal from Indian families with no thought of how unjust their acts are. It is after all, just about the money THEY CAN POCKET, while the Indian families get nothing, zero, nadda, what is up with that. Guess it is all in who you know, My opinion today. Speak up people.

  • Editor, Thanks for announcing this, but please give credit to Keweenaw Now if you use my photos. You have the wrong source on the photo above of the Yellow Dog River. It is a Keweenaw Now photo.

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