Peach Jam and Green Beans Are The Perfect Distraction From the Allegan-Lapeer Tea Party Trash Circus

Monday , 17, August 2015 Leave a comment

It’s been a week since there was an update posted to the blog. The Up North Progressive’s been busy.

This is the time of year when Michigan farmers’ markets and roadside stands all scream “PEACHESBLUEBERRIESSWEETCORN” to passersby, and that means it’s time to freeze and can. Blueberries, peach jam and green beans are going into the canner or the freezer. Soon, about 25 pounds of shredded cabbage will be salted and packed into the large ceramic crock in the kitchen. Tomatoes are getting ripe, and the salsa’s almost gone. Still plenty of work to do.

Putting up food for the winter is a welcome distraction from the circus currently going on in Lansing, Allegan, and Lapeer. Everyone else still wants to talk about tea party trash Gamrat and Courser, but honestly, what else needs to be said? Courser will continue to spew out his word salads full of denial and pushing the blame on everyone but where it belongs. Liberals are going to blame all Christians because of You, Todd. Of course, the tea party believes all Muslims are terrorists, so by their own thinking, people are going to believe all Christians are adulterers and liars because of Todd. What Todd forgets is liberals haven’t lost the capacity for rational thought. There are also many liberals who are Christians, and as far as they’re concerned his straw man argument belongs in the bin with his political career.

Cutco Cindy cried big crocodile tears for us on Friday, insisting she had no part in the fake email scandal that we all heard Courser on the recording tell Graham she agreed to using to throw everyone off track to their affair. So either she’s lying or he is. Does it matter? Not really. We knew back in January these two were tea party trash and the next two years would be a ridiculous sideshow of more trash.

By now, everyone’s debating whether Courser and Gamrat will resign, or should they. Who cares? The Up North Progressive would prefer they stick around for no other reason than to watch tea party trash continue to make a mockery of Lansing. The Republican party embraced the tea party because they needed numbers to win elections. Then, they changed the rules on recall elections because they thought they were so smart they would stop the Democratic party from recalling the Nerd and other Republicans, no matter how horrible they are to the people they were elected to represent. Now they need to get rid of Republicans too repugnant for even Republicans to tolerate, and they can’t, and they did it to themselves.

The people of Michigan need this daily reminder that Republicans don’t care about them, or their concerns. They also need the reminder that every person who identifies with the tea party are complete garbage. With Gamrat and Courser around until election time next year, perhaps it will motivate voters to get out there and vote for candidates who represent them, rather than the invisible sky alien they believe called them to public office.

Time to pick more green beans. Enjoy what’s left of Summer, everyone.

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