Todd Courser Sucks At Writing Fan Fiction and Cindy Gamrat’s “In His Grip” Didn’t Mean What She Wanted Us To Think

Saturday , 8, August 2015 2 Comments

If you found the blog after googling Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, welcome.

In Todd’s own words, “We are living in the last days.” How many people suspected he was talking about his political career? Anyone who screams as loudly as Gamrat and Courser about the sanctity of traditional marriage is doing so out of guilt, not out of conviction of faith. It’s a way to justify their own immoral behavior by pointing the finger at someone else and insisting they’re worse. Both of these people trashed their own marriages, but a same sex couple wanting to get married is wrong. Welcome to the logic of the tea bagger.

Remember when Courser complained about where he was told to sit in the state house chamber because he wasn’t sitting next to Gamrat? It had nothing to do with the house following the rules and all about being able to sit next to his girlfriend. Rules only matter when you’re not getting your own way, like same sex marriage being legalized in the United States.

Don’t be shocked when neither one resigns from their position, and the herd, which Courser so elegantly calls his constituents, come to their defense and insist they have to stay in office. The people who voted for Courser and Gamrat believe they have to overlook any shortcomings because these two serve a higher purpose. They believe there is no sin greater than being a liberal, and conservatives, even those that fall from God’s grace, are better than an immoral progressive who thinks people should be allowed to make their own choices about who they marry or what medical procedure they elect for themselves.

Courser’s fake email reflects this belief that the worst conservative Christian patriot is still better than a liberal. He believed faking a story about having sex with men was much worse than the truth that he was having an affair with Gamrat because it was so ridiculous no one would believe it, and it would discredit any critics who tried to tell the truth. Thank goodness for audio.

Voting has consequences. If you vote for any person with an R next to their name, you’re part of the problem. No one should be surprised these people lack the moral conviction they beat everyone else over the head with. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat need to be Michigan’s poster children for what the tea party really represents. The Up North Progressive will be surprised if either one resigns.

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