Michelle Rhee Partners With Education Achievement Authority Hiring Teachers for the 2015-2016 School Year

Friday , 17, July 2015 3 Comments

It appears Michigan Teacher Corps have moved to a better class of teacher recruitment. Last fall they posted an ad on the Lansing, Michigan, edition of Craigslist. This summer they’re recruiting on real teacher job posting websites like K12 Jobspot. Currently, several notices appear on this website all for Education Achievement Authority Schools.

The advertisements all say the same thing, and from their description, The Education Achievement Authority is the best place to work in Detroit:

In partnership with the Michigan Teacher Corps (MTC), an ambitious, teacher-centered effort to invigorate struggling Michigan schools with great teaching, Henry Ford High School and Pershing High School are recruiting outstanding experienced teachers for the 2015-2016 school year.

Sign-up now if you’re interested in working at Henry Ford or Pershing to help chart a new future for Michigan’s students.

Benefits of the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan and Michigan Teacher Corps

Focus on achievement. Education Achievement Authority of Michigan students have made substantial academic progress with EAA’s longer school day and year and its more intensive, student-focused education program.

Competitive salary. The Education Achievement Authority offers the best pay in the metropolitan Detroit area, with salaries ranging from $50,000-65,000.

Ongoing professional development. Select experienced teachers will have opportunities to grow professionally through the teacher leadership program run by Leading Educators, which provides intensive professional development and personalized coaching on how to effectively lead and mentor peers.

You read it here first, the EAA has the best achieving students in Detroit Public Schools, and you, yes you, can become a part of the winning team.
It should be no surprise that Michelle Rhee’s Michigan Teacher Corps, which is actually part of her organization The New Teacher Project, or TNTP as they want to be known as now, works with the EAA to hire teachers. Rhee got into education through Teach For America, where she worked for three years in a Baltimore elementary school before moving on in to other positions, which all “teachers” do who work for that organization.

The EAA has established their reputation as a school district within a school district that crams 40 students or more into a single classroom with one teacher, and the students all work on computer software that is offline more than online. Eclectablog lavishly documented the problems with the EAA, and that teacher turnover was very high because of the terrible working conditions.

When looking for a teaching job, it’s always a good idea to research the school, the district, and even parent reviews of the school. All of this is available with a simple internet search. The EAA is the worst district in Michigan, with the worst achievement and highest teacher turnover. It’s doubtful partnering with Michelle Rhee will improve The Nerd’s failed school district.

3 thoughts on “ : Michelle Rhee Partners With Education Achievement Authority Hiring Teachers for the 2015-2016 School Year”
  • K N Berg says:

    As I have followed Michelle Rhee she has a style of a business CEO. That is unfortunate because she has not learned that cooperative style works for educational benefit of the professional teacher and individual needs of each student. Top-down, heavy handed procedures tend to cut off communication. I would be very wary of her leadership style as it has no empathy for the HARD job of teaching. (Twenty-five students is too many for one teacher, Michelle.)

  • Therlo says:

    Michelle Rhee is a grifter and an edu-fraud. She is also married to a pedophile. Neither is to be trusted with children. Not even her own.

  • Florida Teacher says:

    Everyone loves to criticize Michelle but the fact is nobody has a better solution. Go Rhee

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