Michigan Voted No Wolf Hunt So Now We Kill Them All

Sunday , 7, December 2014 13 Comments

It’s obvious from the comments left on 9 and 10 News’ website that some Michigan residents want all of the wolves in the Upper Peninsula dead. The Michigan DNR is seeking help in finding out who is poaching wolves in Luce, Mackinac and Schoolcraft counties.

On November 4 Michigan voted down two proposals that would have allowed for trophy hunting of wolves in the state and allow the state legislature to ignore the Michigan state constitution by denying the citizens of Michigan the right to propose and amend Michigan law. In August of 2014 during a special rules session the state legislature circumvented the will of the people again by passing the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, a law designed to list wildlife as game species for hunting at the discretion of the new Natural Resources Commission.

The NRC is a farce, as this committee, which is supposed to propose wildlife management based on scientific research, is made up entirely of political appointments. Not one member of the commission has any credentials or experience with conservation or wildlife management.

The two referendums that appeared on the November, 2014 ballot were defeated because a majority of Michiganians want wolves protected, not driven to the point of being endangered again.

Except for some people, the law doesn’t matter.

  • Shoot shovel and shut up…the only way to control the population…Sorry it’s the real truth!
  • hey trolls more wolves will be killed now them if we had a season. tip for dnr trip them all transplant them down state for the trolls to protect and kill their pets and possibily their kids.
  • Really, does the DNR think people are going to turn anyone in when every county in the U.P pasted in the election to have a hunt. People want them gone. I have a mother and her pup at the bottom of my porch this morning, scares the heck out of me. To close for comfort for me. I say get rid of them all they are just killing all the deer.
  • kill em all

So the plan is poach wolves, because they can’t kill them legally.

If anyone living in these counties knows anything about wolves being shot illegally and can offer tips to the DNR to help apprehend these criminals, please call the Report All Poaching Hotline at (800)292–7800. The DNR is offering a reward. Please do your part to protect these animals who have just as much right to live as any human.

13 thoughts on “ : Michigan Voted No Wolf Hunt So Now We Kill Them All”
  • Kathy Mayo says:

    This makes me ill !! The wolves play a large part in the the balance of our ecosystem! This killing them is reprehensible & very ignorant.

    • jeff says:

      That’s funny up until a few years ago there were not any wolves around at all …and our ecosystem did just fine…..so before you spew your BS get your facts straight

  • Time to shoot yuppers.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Not at all what the article is suggesting. The article suggests that someone are breaking the law in the UP and the DNR needs help finding them. The comments from 9 and 10’s news article shows that some Yoopers are sympathetic because they believe the wolves are a problem.

  • Lois Payette says:

    Wolves are vital to the ecosystem. They cull the sick and weak from the deer herds, keep rodents down to a minimum and help our forests to regrow. Take a good look at what has happened in Yosemite National Park when they imported the wolf. The park is returning to it’s natural beauty and the moose/elk herds are moving up higher into the mountains. The wolves are culling the herds and the population is becoming more controllable. Animals that had left the area are returning to the improved habitat. Poachers who are killing the wolves should get jail time when they are caught. Not a fine, not a warning, but actual jail time!

  • John says:

    This is a great watch on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

  • If you love them so much feel free to trap them and put them in your backyard. When they start going in your yard where your children and pets play maybe you’ll understand the issue we are having. They aren’t up here killing to eat they are killing just to kill and they are coming dangerously close to our homes. We don’t want to hunt them for food or sport, we want to be able to protect ourselves, our children, our pets and our livestock. We want population control before the animals we do hunt for food are wiped out. We don’t sit in the UP telling people downstate you can’t protect yourselves or your family from the violences that threaten them so until you live in or move to these counties and experience the wolf problem yourself I don’t think you have the right to say anything about it.

  • bnz4350 says:

    Progressives love to tell other people what to do,. Tell them to shut the f— up. If I had a wolf in my yard it would be dead a second after I got my sights on it.

    Progressivism kills people and gets people killed (Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Hitler were progressives). I have already told the Sierra Club in my hometown that If I see a wolf or bison on my street I will be going after them. I live in a large metro area with coyotes running in my neighborhood. I had a heart attack and had to dodge three does on the way out of my neighborhood as I drove to the heart hospital.

    People are more important than Progressive ideas or stupid animals. By the way; I am a biology major. I know a lot more about animals than any f— ing lawyer working for the Sierra Club.

  • bnz4350 says:

    While I am at it. The world would be a better place without Progressives. When does the hunting season on them open. I am ready to go.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      At the risk of going Godwin on my own blog, You know who else hated large groups of people and thought their country would be better off if they were all killed.

      What I don’t understand is, if you have a biology degree, why don’t you explain why saving wolves is wrong due to bad wildlife management or something? Why just complain about people you think are bad because Fox News told you so?

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