Love Letters From an Indiana Nazi Gun Nut Named Michaelangelo: “When Does The Open Season On Hunting Progressives Start?”

Saturday , 25, July 2015 4 Comments

Up North Progressive receives comments from both supporters and critics. It’s part of civil discourse, talking about things not everyone agrees on and finding some common ground. It’s one of those principles the United States was founded on, but doesn’t get mentioned very much in Civics classes anymore. Unfortunately.

One of the tenets of civil discourse includes never attack the person you disagree with because if you must resort to personal attacks there is no substance to your argument and you’ve lost the debate. The two comments left on Up North Progressive yesterday were authored by a champion loser. belongs to a 65 year old man living in Indiana who signs his name “Michaelangelo” all over the web. The comments were posted from, which happens to be the email server for Merchant’s Bank of Indiana. Not a good sign if business is that slow at a bank on a Friday there’s time to post comments on the internet.

What exactly did a 65 year old man from Indiana have to say about Michigan banning the hunting of wolves?

So because he has a degree in biology, he knows wild animals are better off killed until they’re dead because ain’t no Sierra Club Hitler lawyer telling him what to do and progressives will be the death of us all. What is it with the tea party’s obsession with Hitler and wanting to shoot everything they don’t like? Do they really believe killing everything they hate will make the world free? The Irony, it burns.

About three minutes later, decided he wasn’t quite finished talking about everything that deserves to be killed, because from the same bank mail server in Indiana he added this:

Remember, he has a degree in biology, so he’s an expert on what needs to die, and he would really like there to be an open hunting season on progressives.

What does do when he’s not threatening to kill bloggers on the interwebs? Not only does “Michaelangelo” send email from a bank, he also likes to post on web forums.

Like this one here, called World War II Zone.

And also this one, Gunboard’s Forums

And he also posted questions on this one full of Nazi images called MG42

Over at WW2Weapons Forum, he asks about putting together a WWII Nazi machine gun, and he needs the top cover.

He has a profile on Indiana Gun Owners, but appears to never have posted there. Not enough talk about Nazi machine guns probably.

But he does post on R Lee Ermey’s (Remember the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket? He’s gone full tea party too) website forums, mostly asking about parts to build an MG34 German machine gun used during World War II, and leave interesting posts like this:

I am not ex-military. I do believe that this President is no friend of any man who loves this country. I have had family on Guadalcanal, Iwo, the hedgerows of Normandy, the Hurtgen and the Bulge. They would hate Obama.

I would have preferred that his first inauguration had been terminally interrupted by 100,000 armed citizens. It didn’t happen and Obama the socialist has happened. There isn’t much difference between that man and Hitler. Obama has not started rounding up his political enemies for camps and eventual murder.

As one psychiatrist said about Obama, “I don’t know that he could pass a drug test let alone a psychological exam.”

Jack’s Dad

Older man, obsessed with guns and wants to kill everyone who doesn’t see things exactly the way he does. “Michaelangelo” of Fishers, Indiana, hopefully won’t become the next headline on American news.

4 thoughts on “ : Love Letters From an Indiana Nazi Gun Nut Named Michaelangelo: “When Does The Open Season On Hunting Progressives Start?””
  • dirk says:

    These guys with their ‘I didn’t serve in the military but [lists relatives that did serve] did and they would hate Obama!’.

    My dad was also from Indiana, born there in 1940 in a dinky little town. He joined the Army because the other option was working in a shitty steel mill. Over 20 years in the Army including two tours in Vietnam.

    He proudly supported Obama.

  • oscodaartist2013 says:

    OMG I think he got a degree in history from the same online college that Biology degree came from…

  • Bernie Zehr says:


    I thought the Nazis were called the National Socialist Party. Am I wrong?

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