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As Trump’s inauguration begins and the majority of Americans still come to grips with the knowledge that a foreign power committed an act of war with our elections and the Republican Party is perfectly fine with that, we can only witness the spectacle with dread and revulsion. An illegitimate degenerate savage is about to sit […]

The Up North Progressive has been quiet since the election, and for good reason. As the election night returns came in, and it was obvious the most unqualified bigoted moron to ever run for the office was about to win over the most qualified, progressive candidate to run for the office, a phrase repeated over […]

There are mornings Up North Progressive kicks themselves in the butt for sleeping in. In the wee hours of the morning, while the dream fog of Clinton leading Trump by 10 points in the polls faded with the morning light, there stirred a disturbance in the political aether that no one saw coming. BREAKING FIRST […]

The Up North Progressive has been really busy these past couple of weeks getting adjusted to the new full time job and frankly more interested in the giant (or as Trump would say, “yooge”) Coprinopsis atramentaria coming up in the front yard than the current state of chaos within the GOP, but the recent blow […]

Tea party VA surgeon and 3 term U.S. Rep Dan Benishek won’t break his vow to only run for three terms after all. This morning he issued a statement claiming he wanted to devote more time to his family and help veterans, and he could do those things better if he wasn’t a US Congressman. […]

If only! Too bad Peter Graves passed away, he would be so much better as Dave Agema Voting has consequences. If you vote Republican, you’re part of the problem. It certainly has nothing to do with phantom blackmailers.

Donald Trump says terrible things and he surges in the polls. If you’re horrified by the Republican presidential candidate’s racist remarks about immigration, Mexico, and his most recent attack on John McCain not being a hero because he was captured – don’t be. Republicans aren’t shocked by it, even if some of them are suggesting […]

Not that political party fund raising ever stops (just ask any member of the Democratic Party to show you their email inbox some time), but it’s interesting to see the level of creativity the GOP conjures when asking for funds. Since most Republican-leaning people still get the bulk of their correspondence via a metal box […]

Much like people who go through withdrawal when football season is over and they longingly dream of the next season to begin, presidential primary debates for political junkies are much worse. They only happen during a presidential election, which happens every four years. They were magical, providing some of the craziest stuff witnessed yet coming […]