Why Trump is Losing (and Bernie Sanders Lost)

Sunday , 25, September 2016 Leave a comment

This graph published by ABC News demonstrates perfectly why Donald Trump will most likely lose the presidential election in November.

Trump has done an excellent job campaigning for only one segment of the total American electorate while alienating every other demographic. It can’t be stressed enough that when your message is full of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and delivered with the vocabulary and attention span of a 3rd grader, you’re going to appeal to the people who think being white and male are the only people who are real Americans and have just enough education to work a blue collar job.

Combine that with the fact that many of those blue collar jobs have gone overseas or into our prisons where people work for 19th century wages and you have a aging shrinking pissed off demographic living in parts of the country where most people left decades ago to find jobs in the cities; that is your Trump electorate: Mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore, so wear the red hat and scream obscenities at the media pit at one of Trump’s rallies. How many of those blue collar, high school graduate (maybe) white guys actually bother to vote is entirely another matter. I hope someone does a study on that so we can compare.

As for Bernie Sanders supporters still raging over the reality that Hillary won the nomination in July, he lost for the same reason Trump is losing: He focused and locked in on one segment of the voter electorate – millennials – while alienating every other demographic. There was no corruption, no voter fraud. Most Bernie fans were younger and better educated, but there was no outreach to other people who voted in the Democratic primary and it’s a fact that much of the people working behind the scenes with that campaign were Republicans doing their part to try and weaken Hillary Clinton. That fact that members of Karl Rove’s family were managing the Sanders campaign and Rove’s superpac bought ads for Sanders is proof of that. The hate-filled misogynist rhetoric Sanders supporters used sounded exactly like Trump supporter hate speech against Clinton. It was hard to tell the difference between Sanders supporters and Trump supporters during the Primary.

Unless Trump drastically changes his message in the few days of this election campaign that are left to appeal to all of the people he has intentionally alienated and excluded from his campaign, he will lose the election on November 8. He doesn’t have the numbers, and by this point has no chance of getting them to swing in his favor.

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