@Todd_Courser Knows All About Fabricating Evidence: Attempted Translation of Most Recent Convoluted Word Salad

Sunday , 25, October 2015 2 Comments

Someone should really tell tea party poster child Todd “5head” Courser that his best strategy at this point to win the primary election in his district is stop typing random words into the computer and sharing them with the Internet as part of his “on slot” to convince the voters in his district it’s a good idea reelecting him to a government seat he already resigned. His response probably would be to “pray about it” first, or something. He posted another stream of unconsciousness this morning, so let’s open up our big book of thinking errors and see if we can’t decipher this into something coherent, shall we?

Why do I continue to fight about the processes and share all of the intricacies of what goes on in the state house with you?

Too bad you didn’t do your job when you were in the state house. Lying to your constituents is why you’re not in the state house now.

Well, isn’t that what being a State Representative does…protects the voice and vote of the people of his District? If that isn’t what you want in a rep then choose someone else.

Those voices in your head are not your people, Todd. Hate to break it to you. If you listened to actual voting members in your district, you would notice they use things like grammar every day. Don’t worry, they will choose someone other than you in a couple of weeks.

I am asked why I agreed to the house report. I didn’t! I admitted to having personal conversations on state property and I stated that I didn’t have time to read the entire report, so I couldn’t agree to it. I NEVER agreed to the house report. I NEVER agreed to the misuse of state resources, other than having personal conversations on state property.

See what he did there? By not reading the report he can deny his own personal responsibility. “If I didn’t read it, I can’t agree to it!” And the ‘personal conversations’ are the afternoons he spent giving Cindy Gamrat foot rubs in his SUV before heading to the hotel for more ‘personal conversations’.

In the report you can read how the official and political work were separated. Many of the emails were from outside of state time. These men worked for me politically, after hours, not just with me at the state house. The committee wanted me to agree and then later made up that I agreed to the house report. The media then said I agreed, but I never agreed to the house report. Not all of what you read and hear in the media is true – in the case of the media surrounding all of this, most of what you have read is not true, just partial truths.

Confusing? It’s supposed to be. By rambling along that “they” wanted him to agree, and how they said he agreed and the media reported he agreed, but he really didn’t agree … you’re supposed to get the impression that no one can possibly know what really happened.

And who are ‘these men who worked for me’?

What we do know is that these men, who were placed as staffers in my office, were secretly working with my political enemies in the Speaker’s Office from the beginning of my term and they made these baseless, never proven, allegations.

Conspiracy! Let’s just maximize this victim stance as far as we can possibly stretch it. EVERYONE WAS OUT TO GET ME!

We also know these men didn’t testify as to the voracity of their claims – never put under oath, never forced to testify and I was never allowed to cross examine them. I gave hours of testimony on the House Business Report’s ridiculous findings which were put together by the House Business Office, who work for, you guessed it, the Speaker along with these former staffers.

This is the same report he didn’t read so he couldn’t agree to it. Amazing, isn’t it, how he just knows the report is a big pile of lies because he didn’t read it?

Their report was based on testimony from former staffers – who were never called to testify under oath. Claims were made and then those claims were used by the machine to claim all sorts of things that I was not allowed to explain or to cross examine those who made the claims.

They were always out to get him from the moment he was assigned his seat!

There was plenty of unsubstantiated junk in the House Business Report, but little evidence of wrong doing. That is probably why they didn’t do a full investigation, didn’t call witnesses and didn’t force the former staffers to testify under oath.

Once again, stuff he knows for sure because he didn’t read the report.

This was a political hit by my enemies

Of course it was.

who are the actual employers of the former staffers who made these allegations and who were assigned to my office. I didn’t agree to the House Business Report of half-truths and things taken out of context. The summary itself had many mistakes, which could have easily been explained had they questioned me. To say I lie, because the former staffers said so, is okay. However, if I say and prove that the former staffers lie, I can’t be believed…even with concrete proof.

And his proof is the pile of assumptions he’s making about a report he didn’t read and the paranoid delusions about what his former staffers were up to in his office. Very concrete proof. That Cooley Law School education is doing you proud.

To have a system where you can be accused of something you never did and never be allowed to explain or ask questions of those accusing you, is abominable. To be accused and condemned with no evidence to substantiate any claims, is wrong.

Blame blame blame blame blame. It’s everyone else’s fault but mine. Don’t these people understand what a special snowflake I am, therefore their rules don’t apply to me?

Why do I continue to fight about the processes and share all of the intricacies of what goes on in the state house with you? Well, isn’t that what being a State Representative does…protects the voice and vote of the people of his District?

You lose points for using your opening paragraph as your ending paragraph.

This is not the pleading of a poor, misunderstood man fighting against a Goliath of a political machine with conspiracy and intrigue around every corner of the capital. This is criminal behavior. Todd Courser didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone else is out to get him. He’s maligned by the real wrongdoers. The sad part is even after he loses the primary election next month, it won’t be the last time he tosses another word salad on the world wide web.

2 thoughts on “ : @Todd_Courser Knows All About Fabricating Evidence: Attempted Translation of Most Recent Convoluted Word Salad”
  • Kathi Geukes says:

    Sarah Failin’ Palin would be proud of Toddy….he must have studied her from the minute she hit the “big time”…..Todd Courser should be thankful that his sorry butt isn’t in jail…..he’ll never hold public office again….unless he moves to Texas….they would love his craziness down there!!

    • Up North Progressive says:

      From what I have been able to stomach reading, he sounds just like a criminal. Thinking errors everywhere shifting blame everywhere except where it belongs.

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