Trump’s “Conscience of the Conservative” Puts Him On Top in the Polls

Tuesday , 21, July 2015 Leave a comment

Donald Trump says terrible things and he surges in the polls.

If you’re horrified by the Republican presidential candidate’s racist remarks about immigration, Mexico, and his most recent attack on John McCain not being a hero because he was captured – don’t be. Republicans aren’t shocked by it, even if some of them are suggesting Trump tone it down. The Republican presidential candidate merely says what bog standard conservative America thinks. What more disciplined people in the GOP know however is you can’t come right out and say what every conservative is thinking.

Republicans have no problem with making fun of war veterans when it suits them. In 2004 Moral Majority co-founder Morton Blackwell handed out band aids with purple hearts stamped on them to make fun of John Kerry at the GOP presidential convention. When it’s time for another Democratic Party candidate to be made fun of based on their service record, the GOP won’t hesitate to do it again. Trump however spoke badly about a Republican candidate. That’s not allowed because at least McCain belongs to the correct party, which means he’s still considered a real American. Anyone other than a real American is … not a real American.

And that’s where the GOP is today. Republicans are happy when Donald Trump spouts off conservative inner narrative because as the “silent majority” they’re happy someone lives up to their expectations. They nod and smile because “in your heart you know he’s right” and the rest of America just needs to hear this from a charismatic blowhard like Donald Trump to know he’s right too.

The numbers of this most recent poll shows the truth. Conservatives are done being nice. They want the conservative conscience out there for everyone to see and hear. It’s the only way they will convince everyone they hate that they have all the answers. So far, no one from the GOP wants to cancel Trump’s speaking engagements. Michiganians with $25 burning a hole in their pocket and wanting to experience The Donald in person can do so in Birch Run on August 11.

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