“Do As I Say, Not As I Do”: Hillsdale College Is The Ugliest Thing Of All

Saturday , 9, May 2015 13 Comments

A recent mass email sent out by the chaplain of Hillsdale College caused a stir this week. The email, sent by Peter Beckwith, warned, “ugly things are happening in the Supreme Court.” He also stated, “I do not even think we can imagine the effects this could have on our nation, the church, and families.”

Ironic words coming from the college where the former president, George Roche III, had an affair with his own daughter-in-law for 20 years. Lissa Roche shot herself on campus after she found out he was getting back together with his second wife. He divorced his first wife because she had liver cancer. An excellent example of a Christian family that knows the real meaning of marriage.

Another icon of virtue at Hillsdale College is the larger than life statue of the late conservative Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher. Before she was known as the ‘Iron Lady,’ she had another nickname – ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’ –  for cutting a program to provide milk to elementary-age children at school. While she privatized public services and considered using the military to stop miners’ strikes, she also used her office to halt a police investigation of an English diplomat suspected of molesting children.

From 1974 until 1984, the activist group known as the Paedophile Information Exchange, or PIE, was a network of high-profile people in British government and business who shared child pornography between members. They published a newsletter of book and movie reviews, articles, and photographs of clothed children. The members of PIE wrote about their fantasies of having sex with children and shared them with each other. In 1978, police investigations into PIE led to members being charged with sex offenses, except for one. He was known by PIE members as “Mr. Henderson,” but eventually his real name was revealed – Sir Peter Hayman.

Hayman, a former MI6 employee, was High Commissioner to Canada when police began investigating his activities in PIE. In 1981, the investigation suddenly stopped and Hayman was never charged with any sex crime. He died in 1992. Only a couple of months ago, it was finally revealed why the police investigation suddenly stopped: Margaret Thatcher used her office to stop the investigation. Thatcher was well aware that members of her government were also members of PIE, as a 37-page file of documents on that very subject were unsealed and made public this past winter in London.

There are two statues of Margaret Thatcher on this earth. One is in Parliament House in London, and the other sits on the campus of Hillsdale College. A college now actively involved with promoting for-profit charter schools across the United States. The irony of the chaplain of Hillsdale College urging prayer to stop the US Supreme Court from ruling that consenting adults who happen to be the same gender must be stopped from getting married because it’s immoral – well, only the kind of people who support Hillsdale College would fail to see the irony.

At Hillsdale College, married people having sex with members of their own family, and grown adults sexually molesting children are acceptable within their conservative Christian narrative. Same sex marriage? That’s immoral, and must never be allowed. When it comes to “ugly things”, Hillsdale College needs to collectively look in the mirror to see the ugliest thing of all.

13 thoughts on “ : “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”: Hillsdale College Is The Ugliest Thing Of All”
  • Glenn Ikens says:

    Yes, the Hillsdale hypocrisy is apparent at every turn. They are the self-proclaimed moral compass of America, the “righteous” institution that will restore decency and patriotism to our nation that is in the grips of decadent and evil progressivism. They intend to take over the schools of our state, even the nation, with their hyper-nationalistic, intolerant brand of “classical education,” yet they embrace the militaristic Thatcher, make deals with openly racist and religiously intolerant, gun-violence-promoting private charter school investors, and urge “family values” while advocating against same-sex couples who are attempting to establish stable families by embracing marital status. We must keep Hillsdale out of our public schools. Thank you, UpNorth Progressive for keeping a critical eye on Hillsdale. Keep up the good work.f

  • Robert Hobble says:

    I recommend talking to a couple of students before you stereotype a fine institution of learning into oblivion.
    -an Atheist, pro-gay marriage, pro-choice student at hillsdale college

  • Garm Allez says:

    You stated: At Hillsdale College, married people having sex with members of their own family, and grown adults sexually molesting children are acceptable within their conservative Christian narrative

    You make a blanket, inflammatory statement without any evidence.

    Obviously, you didn’t attend a school that taught you to reason clearly.

    That individuals behaved in such a way doesn’t mean the college or students or supporters condoned that behavior by Roche. In fact, he kept it secret. Hardly fair to paint a broad brush over an institution for actions of individuals — the college was not responsible for their behavior. You offered no proof that Hillsdale College found that behavior acceptable.

    Nor is it fair to say the college condones molesting of children–because they have a statue of Thatcher on campus. Again nothing the college has stated indicates that they find molesting children acceptable. Mrs. Thatcher is not known for holding such a view either. She may have acted unwisely as regards a PIE member–I don’t know as I only have your word for it and your logic has proven faulty and your agenda very closed-minded.

    I would suggest if you want to make a strong argument you skip trying to point out Hillsdale’s supposed failings and work to strengthen yours on their own merit. Advocating for same sex attraction by making fun of the failings of Christian believers is childish and is like a kid claiming “but he does it too!” In adults it’s called countering and a technique used by bullies.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      I love how a blog post loaded with links to articles and documents proving Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher not only used her office to protect a known child molester, but made sure there would be no investigation because pushing conservative “values” was more important than being a decent human being.

      Right here in Michigan we have Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser the self-proclaimed right hand of God in the Michigan legislature banging each other in the shadow of the capital yet insisting gay people can’t be married because that’s immoral.

      And the favorite for Speaker of the House in Washington, Kevin McCarthy, had to withdraw from that race because he’s been having an affair with a congresswoman.

      Do I even need to bring up Josh Duggar?

      The point is Conservatives in this country love to tell other people how to live, clinging to their bibles and preaching hellfire and brimstone on anyone who doesn’t believe EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THEY DO, and there isn’t a decent human being among you in the Republican/conservative tent.

  • Garm says:

    You’re doing it again.

    Countering isn’t your best argument.

    You based your argument on the behavior of two Michigan politicians as proof of all conservatives behavior. Their immoral behavior doesn’t negate the immorality of gay behavior. Both bad. But you make it sound like gay behavior is ok because someone committed adultery.

    Your over the top comment: “there isn’t a decent human being among you in the Republican/conservative tent. ” shows you aren’t interested in a fruitful exchange but rather just tossing out sentences to make yourself sound insightful.

    Several of my self-proclaimed liberal friends are a bundle of contradictions. Over time I’ve found a couple to be hypocrites. I don’t dismiss the arguments of my friends based on the others’ hypocrisy. I listen to what they have to say. Sometimes they have persuasive arguments. But the strength of their arguments are never based on claiming their opponents are “just as bad” or “worse”.

    I am at peace with my decisions and how I live my life and I don’t need to call out others’ sins to feel good about myself and my choices. The only people I tell how to live are my children. I don’t really care to tell anyone else what to do. I help the homeless, give away food to those who need it and help anyone who asks. I’m not even happy with republican/conservatives very often. But when I come across a post of such as yours that masquerades as a thoughtful observation I have to point out its errors.

    And I will state again: Nothing the college has stated indicates that they find molesting children acceptable. And for that matter nothing in the links you provide indicate Mrs. Thatcher thought molesting children was acceptable. Nothing in what you linked to indicated that Hayman ever molested children though PIE clearly promoted the gay lifestyle and advocated for sexual encounters regardless of age.

    Your best argument is not one where you describe other’s unsavory behavior as a justification for other equally unsavory behavior. It’s rather amusing in a sad way how you seek to condemn the behavior of those you disagree with using the same behavior you advocate.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      And I never said either of the things you keep accusing me of saying. These people do terrible things and get away with it because pushing the conservative agenda is more important than being decent human beings. You’re creating strawmen again.

      Hillsdale College holds up Maggie Thatcher because of her relentless pursuit of the conservative agenda, even using her office of Prime Minister to shield child molesters because they too were pushing the conservative agenda. Every politician I have mentioned has done the same thing. It doesn’t matter how disgusting they are as human beings, as long as they push their toxic ideology on the rest of us.

  • Dvan says:

    Typical progressive attack, without reason, without logic, without actual facts…

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Yes, all of those links in the article going to actual documents supporting my argument are not facts at all. Good job from Tucson, Arizona!

  • Harry says:

    I’ll pray for you.

  • Marcy Almay says:

    They’re nothing but TAX EVADERS who render 1/3 of their students homeless per school year, causing horrible problems in the county they’re in.


    Their trustees are hypocrites:


    And since we support that college with them getting huge TAX EXEMPTIONS while claiming to be Christians while tossing their students out of housing, and paying nothing for all their “rights” they’re constantly whining about wanting?

    May as well add in Pat Sajak, the JOKE of a vice chair of the board for the college.


    We have a criminal for a prosecutor in this county who is EMPLOYED BY THE COLLEGE! They strategize well, but it’s very clear, they don’t even care about their students, there’s no way they should be deemed christian or non profit or maybe even a school at this point.

  • Marcy Almay says:

    That’s not all either!

    Their ridiculous “economics” professor wrecked the city’s ECONOMIC development, embarassingly putting us into riding tides emergency management with the state (it’s on here somewhere:)


    But then, he got on the board of the COUNTY’S MEDC and suddenly, the hospital got sued for price fiiing, and plead guilty to the FBI Attorney general, then sold the hospital to themselves in a government paid loan to raise capital and make their debt into taxpayer’s problems for a loan they weren’t qualified to get:


    They’re running a for profit hedge fund out of the endowment office of the college, there’s no way 1/3 of the student body shouldn’t have a DORM built when there’s a $431 million dollar endowmnet at the college and they’re planning a 29 million dollar cathedral to be built in the spring.

    We’re hostages to their greed, and to them paying NOTHiNG to operate here.

    Then they won’t take FASFA, won’t abide civil rights and have hate speech emails going out like this?

    Disgusting. Hillsdale College is DISGUSTING.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Anyone who wraps themselves in the flag while clinging to the cross as vehemently as the people responsible for Hillsdale College are corrupt and gaming the system for monetary gain and power. One positive from the election is that more people recognize that Evangelical Christians are corrupt hypocrits. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of Prosperity Gospel and other such damaging church doctrines.

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