Paul Mitchell’s Proposal 1 Tax Day Road Rally: Come To Lansing And Get Trained

Wednesday , 1, April 2015 Leave a comment

Nothing gets a God and country loving guy’s blood boiling like April 15th. That’s the day those dirty rotten revenuers from the gubmint steal their private property – their hard-earned money – and use it to pay for things like defense and interest on the national debt; prompting the God and country loving guy to blame the poor for stealing his hard-earned money.

Rich God and country loving serial Republican candidate, Paul Mitchell, also hates paying taxes. Especially when his taxes are going to pay for things like roads, schools and gasp – the poor! That’s why his group, “Say NO To Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals” urges all Michiganians to vote no on Proposal 1. His group has so far released two ads and now there are plans to take the show on the road to Lansing on April 15th – if they don’t break an axle in the process.

On May 5th Michigan voters have been asked by legislators to vote on what will be the largest tax increase in nearly 50 years, if passed. This “Transportation” tax will raise $2 billion and once fully implemented in 2018 nearly 40% ($700 million plus) won’t go to fix a single pothole/road.
Noon – 2 pm – Citizen Lobbyist Training and visit your legislator
2 pm – 3 pm – Call to Action/Road Rally

Come help us send a message to Lansing that we will not pay ransom to Lansing Special Interests to get our roads fixed. Michigan families can’t afford a $800 per year, every year tax increase so that 40% can be siphoned off to non-road projects.

The event, scheduled to be on the east lawn of the state Capital, offers lobbyist training and possibly the opportunity to meet your legislator. After that there is an hour long rally to get people fired up to vote no on Proposal 1. Helping Paul Mitchell is Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity Chair Scott Hagerstrom and Faith Steketee. Mitchell hopes the other anti-proposal 1 groups led by John Yob and Tom McMillin will join him for the rally.

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