Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander: Snyder, Jeb Used Private Emails To Discuss State Business

Tuesday , 17, March 2015 Leave a comment

As the Republicans continue their futile quest to manufacture some scandal that makes Hillary Clinton less of a shoe-in for 2016 (not gonna happen), Progress Michigan found that Governor Nerd used private email to discuss state business with former governor of Florida and 2016 GOP hopeful Jeb Bush. So far, the email scandal has about as much traction as President Obama’s tan suit (which he looked damn good in). Unless you watch Fox News, then you think there’s actually an email scandal.

No one will ever forget Project Skunkworks, the secret meetings being held by tech companies and secret right hand man Richard Baird to come up with a school voucher system in a state where school vouchers are unconstitutional. And let’s not forget the NERD fund which once we found out about and the Nerd shuffled it to who knows where was being used to pay state employee salaries nine times higher than what the state paid them.

If there is one thing Rick Snyder has always been good at during his time as Michigan’s chief nerd, it’s his secrecy from the people who pay his salary – the taxpayers. In Snyder terms, he calls himself CEO of Michigan, and that makes us his stockholders. He’s supposed to be serving the citizens of Michigan while he’s governor, but like all CEOs he prefers to cater to the whims of big business instead.

Progress Michigan now urges Governor Snyder to release all personal emails where he discussed state business, as well as former Governor Jeb Bush to release all state business emails discussed using the personal email address

Good for the goose, good for the gander. If elected public servants using private emails to conduct official state business is an issue because Secretary of State Clinton did it, then it will be good for all of our elected officials to come clean about the practice.

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