Jay McNally Doesn’t Want To Answer Questions About Tea Party Charter School

Friday , 6, March 2015 2 Comments

It’s fun to watch people who deserve attention finally get it. Especially Jay McNally, Pasquale Battaglia, John Conely and Nick Fiani; all members of the team working to make American Christian Academy American Classical Academy Lindbom Classical Academy Livingston Classical Academy a reality in Brighton.

Except these guys don’t like the attention they’re getting. They don’t seem to understand that once they take public money to open a school, the community has every right to know what they’re doing with their tax dollars. It’s almost as if they were unprepared for what it means to open a for-profit charter school in the first place. They certainly don’t know how to handle the media when they’re asked perfectly reasonable questions. Even more puzzling when the guy answering questions is supposed to be a professional in journalism and public relations. His refusal to answer questions from WHMI and instead reply with a “I’m not going to answer your questions” response however can give us some insight into what the problem is. Let’s take McNally’s response line by line.

In the past few days I have been repeatedly misquoted by WHMI

“WHMI has been reporting facts that I don’t agree with.”

… and have tried to correct factual errors by corresponding with the news director to no avail.

“The news director at WHMI is not Roger Ailes, thus has no interest in providing the proper spin on facts in the way we’re accustomed to our “news” being delivered, preferably with an attractive blonde female.”

Thus, at this time, we decline to answer WHMI’s questions. Most news organizations allow feedback through letters to the editor or in a website combox…

“i.e. Fox News, The Blaze, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and local talk radio that carries Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity provide the kind of echo chamber we’re used to enjoying.”

Thanks to Saint Ronnie Reagan, news organizations are no longer required to allow equal time for opposing views. The fairness doctrine was a good thing, but Republicans didn’t think so. That’s why they got rid of it in 1987 and WHMI doesn’t have to allow you feedback if they don’t feel like it.

but not WHMI.

Praise Saint Ronnie!

When asked if there was a way for us to present information to WHMI that will not be edited or censored, the news director replied, “As far as a method to convey your message without editing, purchasing advertising is your only avenue.”

Yay, capitalism!

The radio station did nothing wrong, and don’t have to give the whatever classical charter school a platform. If they don’t like having to pay for advertising, they could, you know, answer the questions provided by WHMI. They’re four questions, and none of them are hard to answer.

Unless the “God and country education project” has something to hide.

2 thoughts on “ : Jay McNally Doesn’t Want To Answer Questions About Tea Party Charter School”
  • Glenn Ikens says:

    Mr. McNally and the American Classical Academies, LLC, appear more interested in marketing their organization to their perceived narrow constituency than in engaging in a truthful exchange of ideas in a public forum. All of their behaviors point to a desire to hide or obscure their true nature as far as the general public is concerned. If you press them for clarification or explanation, they shut down or they shut you down.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      It doesn’t work that way when these people want our tax dollars to run their schools. That means we have a say in what goes on there. Public means public. If Battaglia wants to charge tuition and run a private school that’s different. If they want a charter, then they have to answer to the public.

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