When A Control Freak Loses Control Funny Things Start To Happen

Saturday , 24, January 2015 2 Comments

Miss Fortune has been doing an excellent job as always of covering the pre-trial shenanigans of taxpayer money embezzler, for-profit charter school manager Dr. Steve Ingersoll. The latest silliness that compelled the judge to make yet another decision about the optometrist’s behavior included telling Ingersoll flat out he wasn’t allowed to talk to the prosecution’s witnesses in the upcoming case.

Now why would a judge need to do that?

Because Ingersoll insists that this list of witnesses are his personal friends and professional associates, and the government has no right to make him stay away from them. There is also the business of Steve Ingersoll’s brother, Gayle, ambushing witnesses in the Ray Bradley asbestos trial outside the courthouse in Bay City to hand out subpoenas from a new lawyer Ray Bradley hired to represent him after he was convicted of 4 counts of illegal asbestos removal from a building now being used as a school.

We’re days away from the main event, and Steve Ingersoll is losing control of the situation. Rapidly. Hopefully when this trial is over the doctor will lose even more, like his freedom for the next 30 years.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “ : When A Control Freak Loses Control Funny Things Start To Happen”
  • Joe Houle says:

    What an incredibly mean article. Steve, is a kind and generous man who gives so much to his community, and is loved by many. You have a very ugly opinion sir. The man isn’t convicted yet, and may or may not be. If he made these mistakes and is found guilty and convicted it will still be a great loss to the Bay City community because the good things he contributed around here far outweigh the charges against him.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      I am sure the man you know as Dr. Steve Ingersoll is a really nice guy. Kind and generous as you call him.

      A really nice guy who embezzled $3.5 million of the taxpayers’ money from his for-profit charter school and put it into his own personal bank account.

      A really nice guy who owes Bay City hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes for derelict properties he bought, promising to transform the neighborhood into a front porch community.

      A really nice guy who does business with a contractor currently convicted on four counts of improper removal of asbestos from a church that is now being used for another one of his for-profit charter schools.

      A really nice guy with so many creative ways to hide what he’s doing with other people’s money it would make Jerry Lundegaard swoon.

      Here’s the deal about really nice guys. If that really nice guy has a history going back at least 20 years with shuffling money around between different LLC’s making it disappear so it can magically appear in his personal bank account, he’s putting on an act. Really nice guys who are caught doing bad things are actors, very convincing actors. Really nice guys have to convince you they’re really nice guys as they rob you or you might figure out they’re not really nice guys before they can finish the deed.

      Fortunately, this really nice guy tried his really nice guy act with a bank, and that caused the Feds to give this really nice guy a closer look. But you probably think the Feds are being mean to this really nice guy too. As his felony fraud trial continues we will get to find out if he’s a really nice guy or not.

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