Tell Lansing What You Think: State of the State Address Edition

Sunday , 18, January 2015 Leave a comment

On January 20, Rick Snyder will give his fifth State of the State address from the Capital in Lansing, Michigan. He will begin his address at 7:00 pm, which is a scheduling conflict with Adventure Time, so you know what the Up North Progressive will be watching.

But now, thanks to state senator Jim Ananich, you can let Lansing know what you’re really thinking about Snyder and the job he’s been doing over the past four years in Michigan. That way, on SOTS night when the Nerd gives his speech, you can be assured that Lansing is listening.

Rick Snyder of course during his first term when he raised taxes on poor people and old people, cut a billion dollars from the education budget and gave corporations in the state a huge tax cut, we told him we didn’t like any of that stuff. When he announced his plan to strip townships, cities and school districts of their authority and the civil rights of citizens with emergency managers, we told him very loudly with a ballot referendum that we didn’t want that. Even when that ballot measure passed, Snyder turned deaf ears on the people of Michigan and signed a new law so the emergency managers could stay.

Rick Snyder doesn’t even listen to himself. He told the people of Michigan Right to Work was wrong and signed it into law anyway. He said Detroit wouldn’t go bankrupt and need an emergency manager, then while he was telling the people of Michigan that, Richard Baird Hired Kevyn Orr to be the emergency manager of Detroit and begin bankruptcy proceedings on the city. If he can’t stop lying to himself, how can the people of Michigan know Rick Snyder’s not going to spend the next four years lying to us just like he did the last four? The people of Michigan don’t want to listen to any more lies.

But in the meantime, you can fill out the form at Michigan Cares and maybe someone will be there to read what you’re thinking.

Are Finn and Jake on yet?

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