GOP: The Joke That Writes Itself

Tuesday , 9, December 2014 1 Comment

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The Up North Progressive lived in Idaho for four years where they learned the folly of working for a school managed by a private corporation (ask me some time about how this for-profit corporation stole thousands in Title I funds). While living there, the state learned that the Minneapolis airport is the country of wide stances, and Senator Larry Craig became the biggest joke.

Larry Craig plead guilty for soliciting sex in a men’s public restroom at the airport. When the news reported about it he unsuccessfully fought in court to have the guilty plea overturned. He even illegally used campaign funds to pay for lawyers and court costs.

The mirth is understandable then when the Idaho GOP decided their stance on people with arrest records is wide and made Larry Craig their finance director. Because you know, being able to tap your feet to get another guy’s attention is a valued skill.

Larry Craig also has lots of experience with the Federal Election Commission, after he had to pay back all of the money he illegally used to pay his lawyers to clear him of the guilty plea he made voluntarily.

Good job, Idaho GOP.

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  • sam says:

    It was a really really bad year to raise license fees. Part of it was unknown (weather) but part was known (low deer numbers due to last years bad winter). The DNR should have seen this coming and the fee hike should have been delayed until the upcoming deer season had a positive outlook. For the first time in ten years I didn’t buy an out of state deer license, and for the first time in probably 20 years I didn’t buy an out of state small game license because both licenses are tied together now and I wasnt going to to buy that $140 base license just to hunt small game a couple times.

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