23 Reasons I Will NOT Be Voting For Rick Snyder and Neither Should You: Sithlord Snyder-Free Edition

Monday , 3, November 2014 4 Comments

This list is courtesy of Mark Sleep. Please share.

  1. 1.8 billion in tax cuts to businesses that had to be made up elsewhere.
  2. (3) secret funds whose donors were unknown and what they were for.
  3. EFM change that gave dictator like power to an unelected official. When voters voted against it they changed the law slightly and passed it again but tacked an appropriations bill on it to make it referendum proof.
  4. Huge pay raises to some people
  5. Huge cuts to public schools
  6. Pushing to privatize schools
  7. Pushing to privatize services
  8. Cuts in revenue sharing to cities and communities.
  9. Right to Work law that let’s non paying members freeload off dues paying members (An attempt to destroy unions and weaken their finances and ability to voice workers concerns thru the political process)
  10. Taxing pensions
  11. Cuts to the Earned Income Credit
  12. Cuts to the Homestead Property Tax credit
  13. Passing most laws under “Immediate Effect” in violation of State Constitution
  14. Petty paybacks against teacher’s union
  15. Violating State Constitution by not protecting Detroit employee pensions
  16. Secret Right Hand Man Richard Baird
  17. Reduced Unemployment weeks from 26 to 20
  18. Passed smaller Minimum Wage hike in order to stop a petition drive to put a Minimum Wage increase on the ballot.
  19. Weakening bargaining rights for pubic sector unions bypassing laws that place limitations on bargaining and benefits.
  20. A.L.E.C and Dick DeVos controlled
  21. Gerrymandering of voting Districts
  22. The Aramark food service fiasco.
  23. Suspicious State furniture contract to relative.

Courtesy of Mark Sleep

4 thoughts on “ : 23 Reasons I Will NOT Be Voting For Rick Snyder and Neither Should You: Sithlord Snyder-Free Edition”
  • eastown lewis says:

    Took healthcare insurance away from children within families that had two moms or two dads, and fought costly (unneeded if the laws weren’t there) legal battles to keep those children from having healthcare.

  • Jan Dana says:

    Very one-sided list with facts left out which would point to reasons behind many of these actions or prove the statements false. Don’t like everything Snyder has done, but he inherited SUCH a disaster from those that “served” before him, he HAD to make tough decisions. Michigan is solvent now and starting to thrive. He has my vote.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Sometimes the facts are one-sided. He has done nothing to make this state solvent. We’re in worse shape now than when he took office in 2011.

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