23 Reasons I Will NOT Be Voting For Rick Snyder And Neither Should You

Sunday , 28, September 2014 37 Comments

This list is courtesy of Mark Sleep. Please share.

  1. 1.8 billion in tax cuts to businesses that had to be made up elsewhere.
  2. (3) secret funds whose donors were unknown and what they were for.
  3. EFM change that gave dictator like power to an unelected official. When voters voted against it they changed the law slightly and passed it again but tacked an appropriations bill on it to make it referendum proof.
  4. Huge pay raises to some people
  5. Huge cuts to public schools
  6. Pushing to privatize schools
  7. Pushing to privatize services
  8. Cuts in revenue sharing to cities and communities.
  9. Right to Work law that let’s non paying members freeload off dues paying members (An attempt to destroy unions and weaken their finances and ability to voice workers concerns thru the political process)
  10. Taxing pensions
  11. Cuts to the Earned Income Credit
  12. Cuts to the Homestead Property Tax credit
  13. Passing most laws under “Immediate Effect” in violation of State Constitution
  14. Petty paybacks against teacher’s union
  15. Violating State Constitution by not protecting Detroit employee pensions
  16. Secret Right Hand Man Richard Baird
  17. Reduced Unemployment weeks from 26 to 20
  18. Passed smaller Minimum Wage hike in order to stop a petition drive to put a Minimum Wage increase on the ballot.
  19. Weakening bargaining rights for pubic sector unions bypassing laws that place limitations on bargaining and benefits.
  20. A.L.E.C and Dick DeVos controlled
  21. Gerrymandering of voting Districts
  22. The Aramark food service fiasco.
  23. Suspicious State furniture contract to relative.

Courtesy of Mark Sleep

37 thoughts on “ : 23 Reasons I Will NOT Be Voting For Rick Snyder And Neither Should You”
  • PDiehl says:

    How do I get permission to repost this at my blog? Please and thanks.

  • BURT TOAST says:

    Most of his ads are MISLEADING

  • Snottybubbletush says:

    And let us not forget his signature on HB5711, regulates abortion clinics as hospital operating rooms, requires doctors to screen women for coercion before providing abortions, and bans telemedicine to prescribe first-trimester medication abortions. The bill also regulates the disposal of fetal remains after abortions.

  • Bleau Mi says:

    Where are the 23 reasons not to vote for him? I just see a bunch of reasons to put him back in office.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Really? You enjoy a politician who has secret funds of unknown donors, raises taxes on poor people and old people, cuts public school funding so he can give himself and his rich friends tax cuts, takes bribe money from Dick DeVos. You want to have a liar for governor? He lied about right to work, he lied about the Detroit bankruptcy, his lied about what kind of politician he was going to be in 2010 and after everyone voted for him, swung hard to the right and screwed this state over. People want jobs, good schools for the kids, and roads they can drive on without getting a flat tire or a bent axle. You want a liar who makes himself and his rich friends richer while the rest of us get poorer? I’m convinced now that Republicans are on the dark side and prefer evil.

  • Mike Ofallen says:

    Up North
    So you are saying that the opponents of Snyder and his cohorts don’t have secret contributions? You aren’t suggesting that only Republicans have PACs and committees are you? Yes there are VERY valid points to not vote for Snyder, but let’s not live behind rainbow colored glasses. The opponents have just as many dirty little secrets they hide as well. So please don’t ride the high horse of ” You want to have a liar for governor?” Look at each and every Governor we have had in the last 50yrs and prove that Snyder is the only “Liar”. Otherwise you are grandstanding to make YOUR choice look better.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Betsy Coffia, Dean Vanderstelt both come to mind. All of their contributions have come from individual donations. No PACs, no billionaires giving them huge amounts of money, unlike Vanderstelt’s opponent, Bill Huizenga, who takes large contributions from Dick DeVos, the man behind Right to Work and the destruction of public education in this state.

      Rick Snyder is on the record saying Right to Work for less is wrong for Michigan, then Dick DeVos wrote big enough checks and now Michigan is strapped with freedom to freeload. Rick Snyder said he didn’t see bankruptcy as the right thing for Detroit, meanwhile his behind the scenes dirty work man Richard Baird was already hiring Kevyn Orr for the job. This is not grandstanding, these are facts. My choice IS better.

      • Joel says:

        What was the unemployment rate when he took office? What is it today?

        What was the size of the budget, and the emergency, last minute struggle to figure out how to balanced it prior to him taking office? What is that situation like today?

        I dislike him for a number of reasons, but by comparison with his previous two predecessors, I’ll take more Snyder all day long over Engler or Granholm.

        You wanna whine about state employee retirees having to pay taxes… ohhhhh wahhhhhh I’m so sorry old people have to pay (a meager amount) for services they intend to use… holy crap, that sounds rough. Oh wait, no, I’m a 30 year old tax payer, so what makes them special?

        I don’t like the cronyism, and I don’t like that too often his solution is to just raise a fee, or a tax, rather than figure out why we spend so damn much per mile of highway, for example.

        Wanna whine about EFM laws that… he didn’t pass, then modified, that are similar in structure to EFM laws in many other states, that just sounds like whining to me? What’s your proposed solution, allow a failed school system or municipality to continue to run deficits? Or go in, clean up the (obvious) corruption, as much as possible, and send them back on their way again… gee that’s a tough dictatorial decision.

        I understand people don’t like the idea of “outside” control… I’m just wondering what the solution is in the instances where the “inside” management have so completely failed.

        • It’s colder today than when he took office too, so obviously he’s responsible for halting global warming.

          If the unemployment rate is “lower than it was” it still hasn’t recovered by as much as the national rate has. Our improvement has been slower.

          Unemployment isn’t the whole picture, either, because we see a wage reduction in Michigan, as people end up settling for jobs that pay them a lot less.

          And the “old people have to pay taxes” isn’t about a tax/no tax situation, but a tax that the supposed low tax loving party has actually raised.

          It’s like the mortgage tax credit that they eliminated. They don’t want to lower taxes, they want to lower taxes for a very specific group of people, but if they actually said who those people are it wouldn’t encourage people to vote for them.

          Here’s a clue: If your vote is the only influence you have on politics, then your taxes aren’t lowered. (However, if your checkbook is your influence, then maybe. But not guaranteed. It’s not enough to be a millionaire, you need to be even richer to get what you want nowadays.)

  • To the 30 year old tax payer. What mades you think that we whiny cry baby OLD people haven’t paid taxes must longer than a snotty know it all “kid”. If you weren’t born from an egg (which would explain your cold-blooded generalization about us “old” people) then someone is unfortune enough to have to claim you as a relative. Maybe your parents and/or grandparents are whiny cry babies but that is not the case of myself or of any of my retired or working friends who are over thirty by at least forty years. Walk in our shoes for another 40 years. Hopefully you grandchildren will not be as disrespectful.

    • Austin says:

      That 30 year old will pay taxes on his retirement for his existence and pension holders were not. He would have still been paying for your use of state and city services with his taxes from retirement while we had to listen to you cry about your pension being taxed. Stop crying about having to do what the other 90 percent of the nation has to do. You union tools are truly your own worst enemy.

  • Gman says:

    Pension taxed a measly amount..who are you kidding. It cost me cost to $2,000. That’s a boat load of money when your income is fixed. The tax after I retired and planned out my budget. Okay if I do that to you? This governor is slimy just like the Bolger and his cronies. Recalling the election he helped fix on the west side of the state with a phony candidate.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Bolger owns a debt collection agency, the kind that calls you constantly and is really nasty on the phone. Bolger should have resigned in 2012 after getting caught rigging that election. Thank goodness term limits means he’s out.

  • Chel Talleyrand says:

    I would really like to take these points viral with some people who are yet undecided. But, I am sure the image of Snyder will be a real turn off to them. Why do this? Any chance there is a copy of the points without an image that would offend those not already decided against Snyder?

  • 1) Business tax cuts: hopefully it will make up for the minimum wage hike so that small employers won’t have to cut staff.
    2) Do you mean Steyler? Bloomberg? Zuckerburg? Or is it only bad when the Koch brothers donate secretly?
    3) Yes Allen Park, Detroit and other cities voted in their local government, but all Michigan residents will pay the price for the mismanagement of those cities.
    4) Is it wrong to pay competitive wages? One will push to force a business to pay $10/hour for unskilled labor, yet begrudge raises to skilled professionals?
    5) More money was put into the education budget, it’s the teacher’s pensions that are eating up the money.
    6) Absolutely. The current public school system is a monopoly and is not working.
    7) Public services creates public servants which (unlike most workers) still get public pensions. It is wrong to leave the next generation with the staggering pension cost and privatizing some services is a way to help.
    8) Agree. But the fed decreases left less to share.
    9) My husband was freed from the forced membership to a union. He had no choice to join or to pay. Unions are monopolies with compulsory membership and dues collections. “Right to Work” gave back civil rights to many hard working Michiganders.
    10) My mom’s 401k and IRA is taxed. All of her friends pay taxes on their retirement savings except the retired school teacher. She didn’t pay taxes on the contributions to her pension and she doesn’t pay them now (she was over 65 when law passed). Why should a select group of people not pay taxes.
    11) EIC is a federal tax rebate paid by the IRS.
    12) That was part of his revenue increases.
    13) Bring on the lawsuits if that is true. Definitely believe that adherence to 3 branch government is key.
    14) MEA is the largest and most powerful lobbyist in Michigan. Passing the “right to work” was giving its many forced members freedom, and that is not petty.
    15) A federal judge in a federal court will determine the outcome of those pensions. Federal law trumps state law.
    16) I still think he’s Snyder’s secret lover, but don’t quote me on that.
    17) So did that send people onto federal extended benefits earlier, easing Michigan’s financial burden?
    18) Yes he signed a bill that was passed by congress. (but refused to sign the bill restricting abortion insurance to woman and is on board with extending the Elliot Larsen to include GLBT)
    19) For years small town school superintendent would have to match wits with a power-team of professional negotiators hired by the MEA. It’s about time that the playing field was leveled.
    20) Really? Snyder is the biggest “non-politician” out there. He really is just an accountant making the best with where Michigan is at.
    21) Both parties do that after a census if they can and that should stop.
    22) In 15-20 years, we will not have to pay pensions on those contract workers (hopefully they have contributed into a 401k like the rest of us).
    23) “Suspicious”… Maybe you should have stuck with 22 reasons.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      I can’t wait to see your sources for your opinions.

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Do you have any sources for these opinions?

    • RayZ says:

      No one was ever FORCED to join a union.. If you chose to work at a job where your wages and benefits were gained by union negotiations, then you should pay your dues…the key to it all is that you chose to work there, you were not forced.. I’m sure your husband enjoyed the wages and benefits, but now has the right to be a freeloader.. All pensions are taxed because of this law, not just public sector employees.. IRS’s, 401’s and annuities are funded by pretaxed monies and they were only taxed when they were taken out early… You should really learn the difference between a “Defined Benefit” and a “Defined Contribution ” plan before making statements like they are facts..
      Here are some facts…unemployment is worse since Snyder took office..by cutting unemployment benefits people fall off the rolls faster and that means less people on record as unemployed.. Even with that the numbers are still worse..
      We are in the top 5 worse states for new job creation.. Where are all these companies flowing in because of right to work? They never made their way to Oklahoma or Indiana… It’s a lie..
      Fact… People who live in States with little to no union density make an average of 30% less wages and benefits…
      The citizens of Michigan overwhelming voted down the EFM proposal, by more than 2 to 1 and the out of control state house and state senate, both under Republican control, decided the people got it wrong and rammed it thru during the same lame duck session as right to work and Snyder joyfully signed it…both referendum proof..
      Btw.. You have 17 completely wrong as well, another example of knowing nothing while proclaiming to know it all.. The fact is, the cut also reduced the federal extension and the 6 weeks turned into much more.. While we’re at it… What federal extensions..?

  • m. idema says:

    Thanks for update, don’t worry he’s not getting my vote. We have to protect our teachers! & our childen’s education, privatizing is too costly mistake.

  • JB says:

    You must be out of the loop with the fact checking related to this campaign. Not only on a state level, but federal. Shame on you for preaching propaganda!

    • Up North Progressive says:

      Propaganda? Every point on that list has a source. I’m not preaching, I’m sharing truth and facts.

  • Mark Kimber says:

    Are you 2 years old? Photo shopping him into the devil…VERY desperate….

  • Mark Kimber says:

    The devil will now reign over you for 4 more years…Eat that Dems. HAHAHAHAHA

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