Linda Thaler: The Nerd’s Next-Door Neighbor Lies About School Funding Record

Saturday , 27, September 2014 Leave a comment

New ad, new person stumping for the Nerd. She’s an old friend of Rick Snyder’s.

Linda Thaler and her husband own the lake house next door to Rick Snyder’s lake house on Gun Lake in Barry County. You remember, the $1.1 million house damaged by a limb during a storm? That’s how the Nerd was able to relate to Detroit residents dealing with their cars submerged in flooded highways or unable to stay in their flooded homes.

So rich Republican lady who happens to be a next door neighbor to the rich Republican Nerd lies in an ad to attack Mark Schauer. What they’re not telling you about that 2003 bill that cut funding to schools was at the time both state house and senate were Republican majority at the time. Just like we have now. The quote from the Detroit Free Press? They’re cherry-picking words out of context.

In other words, they’re lying even more to support the lie that Snyder increased school funding. He didn’t.

How’s that positive relentless action working out for ya?

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