Snyder’s New Ad: Video Proof He Could Care Less About Being Governor

Wednesday , 3, September 2014 Leave a comment

Here we all thought The Nerd would never do worse than scuba to smooth jazz. This new ad however reaches for depths no one wanted to imagine. In fact, after watching this, it will probably haunt your nightmares tonight.

With a road for a background and his face two levels too close to the camera, Snyder drones in a monotone about how he’s an accountant and he knows all about counting beans, because that’s what bean counters do.

Considering the state of Michigan’s roads, and his inability to count enough beans to fix them, should Rick really be starting off a campaign ad with the phrase “Road to Recovery?”

Rick talks about taking things for granted, but perhaps he shouldn’t take for granted that no one has forgotten who raised taxes on poor people and old people, who cut over a billion dollars from our schools and made freedom to freeload law in Michigan. Your clip of the assembly line reminded everyone of that.

Rick Snyder had nothing to do with those 300,000 new jobs in Michigan. Most of those jobs were from the auto industry bailout. You know who did have something to do with that? U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer.

Then the Nerd brags about unemployment being at it’s lowest levels in six years. That’s right, the unemployment rate in Michigan is just as bad now as it was in 2008.

We’ll be feeling it soon? Believe us, Rick, we’ve been feeling it all along. Your road to recovery hit most Michiganders right where it hurts.

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