Rick Snyder Needs To Start Campaigning So His Staff Have Something Constructive To Do

Thursday , 17, July 2014 Leave a comment

Rick Snyder found out yet again this week what happens when you’re too busy being governor to campaign, but you’re paying for a campaign staff anyway.

Snyder is so darn busy, he can’t even be bothered to fill out MLive’s candidate questionnaire for their online voter guide. It’s a very nice tool; you put in your address and find your voting precinct. It automatically loads the candidates you will vote for and read their positions on important issues.

Or at least you can read about the issues for those candidates who filled it out. Rick Snyder hasn’t bothered, because he’s far too busy being governor and doing his job being governor to waste time doing pointless things, like campaign for another term. He’s the governor, what do you want from him, a debate? What are the Tigers’ chances of making the playoffs?

His campaign staff believe infiltrating Mark Schauer and Lisa Brown’s campaign uninvited and gathering important intel should be their top priority. Their rationale of course is “they did it to Mitt Romney in 2012,” except it wasn’t a member of President Obama’s campaign staff at that private fund raiser, it was the bartender hired for the evening.

The conversation in the car before Natalie Collins and Kyle Anderson crashed the private event in Bloomfield Hills hints at the fact that this is happening often enough they complain about how hard it is to make transcripts when the only audio they have is from a cell phone. After they ditch the event because they get nervous they talk about at least staying away from Schauer events for a while and making their twitter accounts private.

The Nixon-era antics makes anyone ask if the Snyder campaign staff were doing this in 2010. Probably, but back then Snyder wasn’t governor and had to do actual campaigning stuff. It also helps that nobody on the 2010 campaign staff is on the 2014 campaign staff, because the 2010 campaign staff either left politics or work for Americans For Prosperity now. Snyder’s not-an-election-I’m-too-busy-to-campaign staff is full of fresh, new faces.

So what did Snyder’s campaign that isn’t really campaigning because he’s too busy doing his job as governor to waste time being a politician and campaign learn?

“They don’t make Saturns anymore.”

Get your lies straight. Telling one person you ‘heard about’ this event at last week’s event, then telling someone else you ‘googled it’ is a sure sign you don’t belong there.

“I just want pineapple.” Maybe Snyder can serve pineapple at his private fund raisers, if he ever gets around to doing any of that campaigning he doesn’t have time to do. Because he’s the governor.

And then there was the most important information of all:

This is the third time these Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy wannabes have been caught spying on Mark Schauer’s campaign. From their conversation within the non-union made Honda it’s likely that this is going on far more often than only three times. Collins and Anderson discuss at least staying away from Schauer events for a while. Now they’re permanently off the gate crasher list.

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