Spring Afternoon With A Michigan Blue Racer

Tuesday , 27, May 2014 Leave a comment

One of the joys of living “Up North” is there’s plenty of wildlife to enjoy. For anyone who lives near our great Northern Michigan forests, this means plenty of animals and birds may come to visit. They will also help themselves to anything edible, whether you want them to have it or not.

And then, there’s the poor beastie that just has bad luck. A Blue Racer twisted in the garden’s deer fence.

It took a pair of heavy duty shears, patience, and being mindful of where this beautiful Blue Racer’s head was at all times to get it free of the deer fence. A call to the DNR for help didn’t do much good; no one available unless you are willing to pay $75 for the service call.

Eventually, with lots of slow, careful snips with the shears the snake gradually became free of the deer fence. Without the fence the deer eats the garden, with the fence at least one snake a year gets wrapped up.

For this snake, there was a happy ending.

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