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But Todd Courser is running for Lapeer County Prosecutor so … I bet Todd was a blast at parties in High School! And to be fair, here’s a picture of Cindy Gamrat swag at a Kalamazoo tea party military memorabilia event in 2014, complete with clip board of nominating petitions. Good job, Republicans! You know […]

Someone should really tell tea party poster child Todd “5head” Courser that his best strategy at this point to win the primary election in his district is stop typing random words into the computer and sharing them with the Internet as part of his “on slot” to convince the voters in his district it’s a […]

Todd Courser really wants his old job back. He also enjoys writing long streams of questionable consciousness and posting them on the internet intentionally, as if that in any way will persuade people he’s the right guy for the job he quit and wants back. Last night he posted once again another diatribe full of […]

Up North Progressive’s reaction when first read the news: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA breathe AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Is he serious? Of course he is. Never mind he lives in Dutch Reformed Mordor District 2, he wants to run for District 1. Why? Because he’s Dave Agema, that’s why. According to a MIRS article published on Thursday, Dave needs money of […]

John Oliver brings up a valid point, the tea bagger herd is very good at inoculating themselves because they voted for the Toddler and Cutco Cindy in the first place.

Dr. Vijay Kumar of West Branch was arrested on July 21, 2015 for a number of charges, including insurance fraud and criminal sexual conduct with a minor. While those charges are pending and the investigation continues, his suspended medical license was reinstated last week. Dr. Kumar is also a Republican candidate for state representative in […]

It’s been a week since there was an update posted to the blog. The Up North Progressive’s been busy. This is the time of year when Michigan farmers’ markets and roadside stands all scream “PEACHESBLUEBERRIESSWEETCORN” to passersby, and that means it’s time to freeze and can. Blueberries, peach jam and green beans are going into […]

If only! Too bad Peter Graves passed away, he would be so much better as Dave Agema Voting has consequences. If you vote Republican, you’re part of the problem. It certainly has nothing to do with phantom blackmailers.

If you found the blog after googling Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, welcome. In Todd’s own words, “We are living in the last days.” How many people suspected he was talking about his political career? Anyone who screams as loudly as Gamrat and Courser about the sanctity of traditional marriage is doing so out of […]

Todd Courser, the man with ideas much smaller than the forehead that houses them thinks the answer to stopping gay marriage is to strip the state of the power to perform marriages. He introduced a bill this week that would only allow ordained ministers to marry couples. This means judges, mayors, county clerks, magistrates, and […]