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Just like every other state in the country that passed a ‘test welfare recipients for illegal drugs’ law, Michigan successfully wasted taxpayer money testing 303 welfare recipients and found 0 positive tests. This is consistent with other states that also passed drug test people on welfare laws, and successfully wasted taxpayer money testing people who […]

Nestled in Battle Creek, Michigan, on the grounds of Fort Custer live the cadets of Michigan Youth ChalleNGe Academy. At-risk teens ages 16 to 18 volunteer to attend this program to improve their lives and learn skills to stay out of trouble as they transition to adult life. Operated by the Michigan National Guard, the […]

Back in 2011, when an unknown, nerdy former chairman of the board of a former computer giant called Gateway was sworn in as governor of the state of Michigan, his plans for the state set off alarm bells in more than a few state residents. Raising taxes on poor people and old people, cutting over […]

In a letter to The Nerd dated August 31, 2015, Attorney General Bill Schuette encouraged Snyder to impose state-level sanctions against Iran in the event that the forty year old federal sanctions are lifted. President Obama and the State Department spent months negotiating with the Iranian government to find an agreement where they cease all […]

It’s happened again. An inmate kitchen worker found a maggot in a secure food preparation area at the Alger Correctional Facility in Munising. Last year, 4000 pounds of potatoes were discarded after maggots were found at the Upper Peninsula prison. The prison closed the kitchen for cleaning and the inmates were served bag lunches. Aramark […]

Rick Snyder this week signed a bill that ties Family Independence Program benefits to school attendance. Students with poor attendance put food and cash assistance benefits at risk for the entire family. Children aged 6 to 15 who don’t attend school regularly will jeopardize FIP for the family, if the child is 16 and older, […]

This is the view looking west toward the capital on Michigan Avenue as you pass by Omar’s strip club. The capital dome is getting a shiny coat of paint and repairs to the tune of $6.4 million. The last time expensive renovations happened at the capital was when Republican Governor John Engler was in office. […]