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While rescue efforts continue in Houston and Hurricane Harvey continues to drop trillions of gallons of water on the city, people do what comes naturally in the 21st Century – head on over to social media to politicize a real-time tragedy. Trumptards, real and bot, are no exception; except as usual they don’t worry about […]

Going to miss you, Mr. President.

In a letter to The Nerd dated August 31, 2015, Attorney General Bill Schuette encouraged Snyder to impose state-level sanctions against Iran in the event that the forty year old federal sanctions are lifted. President Obama and the State Department spent months negotiating with the Iranian government to find an agreement where they cease all […]

Dave Agema just doesn’t know when to quit. You would have thought his New Year’s online foot in mouth problem would have been enough to convince him that when it comes to talking about race, he always comes off sounding like a big ol’ bigoted racist. No, he didn’t learn his lesson, because this afternoon […]

There’s another deadline showdown coming between Congress and the White House at the end of this month. It’s not about budgets, the debt ceiling or Obamacare this time, it’s about immigration. President Obama intends to go forward with his executive order to help out millions of people living in the US be able to stay […]

In case you missed it.

Today the world learned that President Obama was a big meanie to a wedding couple who wanted to have their special day at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii. The course where he plays when he’s visiting his home state advises anyone reserving the venue to make alternative plans or accept their event will […]

  I am thankful for William S. Burroughs, for being more relevant than ever. I am thankful for this secular holiday that any person of any religious faith may celebrate. I am thankful for our Founding Fathers, who in their eternal wisdom did everything possible to create a secular nation based on reason and laws. […]

The Indianapolis Star published this cartoon, then pulled it after many complaints. Because there were no undocumented immigrants at the first Thanksgiving.  

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