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Two times a year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers a free fishing weekend for people who would like to fish without a license and hopefully give people who have never fished the opportunity to discover how fun fishing can be. The winter fishing weekend is this weekend, and with temperatures in Northern Michigan […]

Robert Kennedy is the Democratic Party Candidate for the 106th State House District. The counties of Alcona, Alpena, eastern portions of Cheboygan, and Iosco counties are included in this district. Kennedy is a lifelong resident of the region. He attended college in Alpena and served six years in the Army National Guard. Kennedy taught for […]

Listening to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump insult a gold star family, call Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the devil and allege she will rig the election in November (And it’s only August 1st!), has emboldened Trump supporters in Northern Michigan to vandalize Democratic Party signs in Lake and Emmet Counties. In Emmet County, an […]

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, The Justice Department indicted fracking developer Aubrey McClendon for bid-rigging over land deals. Less than 24 hours later, Aubrey McClendon drove his SUV at a high rate of speed into a wall and died instantly. Condolences to the family of Aubrey McClendon. Up North Progressive chose to not publish this […]

Part of the beauty of Morel hunting in northern Michigan is the opportunity to enjoy the woods in spring. Usually this means looking at spring flowers, plants, trees budding and perhaps the glimpse of an animal. Usually humans make enough noise to warn wildlife it’s time to disappear. Such was the case with this little […]

Morel mushrooms began to pop out of the ground in the past week up north. So far, they’re slow and few due to lack of rain. Soaking rain in the southern part of Michigan hasn’t made it here at all. That’s keeping the morels from coming up the way we like. It’s also making Northern […]

Since 1976 in a secluded wooded setting in Northern Michigan women from all over the world gathered to share space and music at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. This haven for lesbian and feminist folk began for the purpose of creating women or womyn-only space where lesbian feminist issues could be discussed in a safe […]

In May of 2014 I started Up North Progressive to be a voice for political candidates and issues important to Progressive Democratic people in Northern Michigan. Over the past 11 months I have used this blog to introduce candidates, expose widespread corruption in for-profit education reform, the plight of Michigan wolves and the sale of […]

The Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club filed suit in U.S. District Court in Bay City on January 15 against the U.S. Forest Service. The Lawsuit was filed to compel the federal agency to complete a much-needed inspection of Enbridge oil pipeline number 5 before issuing a permit allowing it to continue transporting oil through […]

If you see low-flying helicopters hovering over your property or nearby next week, it’s the power company inspecting power lines, poles, steel towers and equipment for damage caused by lightning, wind, storms, and other problems. The inspection area ranges from US 10 to the tip of the mitten and will run from Monday, September 15, […]