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The Michigan Supreme Court ruled 6 – 0 on December 20, 2017 an unconstitutional law that stripped three percent of teacher pay from Michigan’s public school teachers must be returned. The unconstitutional law imposed by the Republican-controlled State Legislature and Republican Governor Rick Snyder stole over $550 million from teachers’ paychecks in another move to […]

Today 18 Detroit Public Schools closed for the day as their teachers went to Lansing to protest the Nerd’s announcement of his latest plan to destroy public education in the city. The city’s public schools, after decades of constant attack from politicians and school reformers finally had enough and went to Lansing to let Snyder […]

Congratulations on being selected for the important position of State Superintendent of Education. You have entered into a position where there are many old and new challenges to face. Public education in Michigan faces constant attacks from both the state and corporate education reformers, often working together to take our schools out of the hands […]

Now that our anti-war treaty with Rome has expired, Carthage can muster an army and fight off these Numidians for good! Thank goodness Rome will leave us alone now that the debt is paid … Queen Olga of Kyiv burned alive 20 of our best men in a sauna for revenge after we murdered her […]

Rick Snyder eliminated 400 union jobs in Michigan so he could privatize the prison food system with a contract to Aramark. So far we’ve had maggots in the food, sex between staff and inmates, staff selling drugs and murder for hire.  Lots of relentless, nothing positive with this action, Governor Nerd.    

This list is courtesy of Mark Sleep. Please share. 1.8 billion in tax cuts to businesses that had to be made up elsewhere. (3) secret funds whose donors were unknown and what they were for. EFM change that gave dictator like power to an unelected official. When voters voted against it they changed the law […]

Sex, drugs, exotic protein in the food and now … contract murder. The plot of a hard-boiled crime novel? Not at all, just another chapter in the continuing train wreck saga of Aramark in Michigan. Rick Snyder had no trouble putting almost 400 Michigan workers on the unemployment line when he hired Aramark to take […]

The Detroit Free Press released the results of a new EPIC-MRA poll showing our next governor, Mark Schauer, leads Rick Snyder 45% to 43%. This wonderful news is no surprise to anyone paying attention because we know why people are ready to dump the gov and elect someone who will work for the people of […]

Have you seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus? Has anyone seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus? Rick Snyder used a bus in 2010 when he first campaigned for governor of Michigan. Four years ago when he was running for office his bus could be seen all over the state making stop after stop to press flesh and […]

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