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If there’s one thing schools hate, it’s scandal. They will do anything possible to avoid their name in the paper involving any wrong doing, real or perceived; which is why the staff and parents of GTA are probably living a total nightmare right now (and lets face it, have been for years). The Traverse City […]

Only one short week ago, Gary Naeyaert, self-proclaimed warrior for Team Jesus and aldius of billionaire Betsy DeVos, vented his frustration at the Michigan State School Board because Natasha Baker who refused to roll over and do everything Gary Naeyaert Betsy DeVos wanted: Eradicate Detroit Public Schools and replace the district with for-profit cancer schools […]

All of the articles written about the criminal enterprise known as Bay City Academy are worth it when someone comes forward and confirms what we know must be happening inside the walls of this for-profit charter school. A former teacher of BCA bravely commented tonight to share the harsh truth: Rep. Charles Brunner is right […]

Gary Naeyaert reached a new low tonight. Michigan State Representative Charles Brunner called out the Michigan Department of Education’s really bad decision to give Brian “gotta save my meal ticket” Lynch more time to reduce the debt of Bay City Academy. BCA is the charter school that finally exposed convicted felon Steve Ingersoll for the […]

About a month ago Michigan public school teachers attended mandatory professional development sessions on providing safe learning environments for LGBTQ students. The program caused enough discussion that school districts reached out to the State Board of Education for help. The State Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education developed the guidance at the […]

Things have certainly changed for Dr. Steve Ingersoll in just five short years. It was in January of 2010 when MAPSA posted this bit of news about Lake Superior State for-profit charter schools Grand Traverse Academy and Detroit Service Learning Academy getting together so DSLA could see Integrated Visual Learning at work. “Cutting-edge philosophy in […]

Apparently, the commenter from Ypsilanti does. Almost a month after leaving a comment on this story, she returned to leave another comment. Despite the Michigan Department of Education listing Castlebond Enterprises as the for-profit manager of Gateway To Success, it was never ever true. West Shore Education Service District has no clue what they’re doing […]

Any time you have DeVos money GLEP in favor of something, you know it has to be a bad idea. H.B. 4822 is a really bad idea. H.B. 4822 requires third grade students to receive a satisfactory score on their ELA standardized mandatory state tests or repeat the third grade. The teacher has no say, […]

Autumn is a season of changes. The days grow cooler, the leaves change color, and everyone prepares for the coming winter. On rare days when the air is clear and the weather is still pleasant, a drive along country roads to enjoy the color, stop at a farmer’s market to buy pumpkins, apples and fresh […]

Michigan’s new superintendent, Brian Whiston, once again is asking for public comment on how to improve Michigan’s public schools. This time he needs input because: State Supt. Brian Whiston is seeking input on making Michigan a Top 10 education state over the next ten years. In the Superintendent’s ‘Back to School’ podcast, he announced that […]