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Now that our anti-war treaty with Rome has expired, Carthage can muster an army and fight off these Numidians for good! Thank goodness Rome will leave us alone now that the debt is paid … Queen Olga of Kyiv burned alive 20 of our best men in a sauna for revenge after we murdered her […]

He’s lying to you. Why would you willingly vote for a liar? Fed up with lies and excuses? Vote for Mark Schauer on November 4 and bring honesty and integrity back to Lansing.

It’s obvious why The Nerd agreed to do this only once. For the entire 55 minutes of the debate between him and Mark Schauer, Rick Snyder was combative and incapable of avoiding personal attacks against his opponent. Mark Schauer on the other hand was calm, collected, and spoke clearly about his plan to help everyone […]

22 private church schools currently use Accelerated Christian Education in Michigan. Rick Snyder will push forward on school vouchers if he wins another term as Governor. We already know he wants to do this after the leaking of ‘Skunkworks’ in 2013. Dick and Betsy DeVos have spent far too much money on this election to […]

In the wake of Mark Sleep’s list of 23 reasons not to vote for Rick Snyder, we came up with a list of why you need to get out to the polls November 4 and vote for our next governor, Mark Schauer. When Mark was in government in Lansing and Washington, he voted on many […]

New ad, new person stumping for the Nerd. She’s an old friend of Rick Snyder’s. Linda Thaler and her husband own the lake house next door to Rick Snyder’s lake house on Gun Lake in Barry County. You remember, the $1.1 million house damaged by a limb during a storm? That’s how the Nerd was […]

The candidates can’t quite agree what to call it – Mark Schauer is calling it a debate, while the Nerd is calling it something nerdy – a joint appearance. Word on whether any joints will actually be on stage is not known at this time. October 12 at Wayne State University will be the date […]

Our next governor, Mark Schauer, has a good plan for keeping jobs in Michigan. Make sure you vote on November 4 so he can use that plan, and many others to help Michigan.

Cadillac Public School’s fall student enrollment is higher than anticipated according to district superintendent Jo Spry. That’s good news for the district, because it means in October the 4th Friday Count will provide a boost in per-pupil funding. School tuition in Michigan is still below 2006 school spending levels in the state, and public schools […]