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Sometimes schools at the last minute find themselves in hiring situations when teachers and school staff find another job at another school. The job gets posted on the school’s website, and also school job websites like K12 Jobspot or REAP. But for-profit charter school Bay City Academy seems to think Facebook is a perfectly good […]

While the international press tears through 11.5 million documents leaked from the Panama financial firm, Mossack Fonseca, we have our own leaked shell game still unfolding in the sentencing hearing of Dr. Steve Ingersoll. Lots of dummy companies to spread lots of money around and make it magically disappear into Ingersoll’s pockets. Money he received […]

Notice how the kitten tries to catch the circles in the image on the paper? The kitten’s brain does the same thing as a human brain when they look at the same optical illusion. The circles on the edge move while the circles the eyes focus on remain stationary. This is because when we look at an […]

We’ve all laughed about Fox News being duped by The Onion, America’s finest news source, and publishing the parody websites’ stories as if they were actual news. It’s happened to a few other legitimate news sources often enough people now read a headline and ask, “Is this real, or The Onion?” Today, it happened to […]

Yesterday the Up North Progressive had the pleasure of eating lunch with a group of dedicated public school education professionals working at a juvenile detention program. While chatting over our turkey soup, pork fried rice, and pizza, a quick browse through the local headlines brought up the most wonderful news: Testimony from an attorney who […]

Up North Progressive recently had the distinction of being featured on Diane Ravitch’s blog this week. The Steve Ingersoll trial received much deserved national exposure when two teachers’ accounts of their experiences working for Dr. Ingersoll, published on this blog, was quoted by MSU Music Education Professor, Dr. Mitchell Robinson. More people need to know […]

It takes courage to speak out about an employer, even a former employer. Teachers especially have to be mindful about what they say about a school administrator they worked for. Long-reaching arms can make it hard for that teacher to find work elsewhere. Now that Michigan is a freedom to freeload state, keeping a position […]

This optical illusion was published on page ten of a report offered by Grand Traverse Academy last fall. They claimed the reason why the patterns of colors move is due to ‘eye movement errors,’ or, everyone who looks at this image has eyes that don’t work properly. This claim is false. The image is an […]

For-profit charter school Grand Traverse Academy held their school board meeting on November 7, 2014, to discuss among other things the deficit the for-profit now has to deal with thanks to vision therapy optometrist Dr. Steve Ingersoll. Grand Traverse Academy, the public charter school on Hammond Road, has a deficit of about $365,000, according to […]

Victory! On September 19 State Rep. Charles Brunner (D-Bay City) joined other Michigan House Democrats in supporting a bill that requires better transparency and accountability with Michigan’s for-profit charter schools and with stricter rules for state charter authorizers. Brunner’s example for why he supports State House Bill 5852 couldn’t be more appropriate. Bay City Academy […]