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Apparently the malignant tumor known as Grand Traverse Academy isn’t enough. Northwestern Michigan College and Traverse Bay Area ISD are being asked to authorize a new for-profit charter school in the Grand Traverse area based on the Hillsdale “classical” education model according to the Traverse City Record Eagle. Traverse Classical Academy is the fever dream […]

The school based on a strict right-wing conservative agenda is one vote away from opening this fall. Livingston LindbomAmericanChristian Classical Academy found a home in Whitmore Lake Public Schools. The school board granted them a charter in January, and on March 5 the LCA committee held an open house. Tonight, the Charter Township of Brighton […]

So if I read this correctly, Islam won’t be a totalitarian theocracy if they have better breathing. It’s funny when a guy promoting for-profit schools that will teach Americans are better off living in a religious totalitarian theocracy condemns a religious totalitarian theocracy.

Nearly every day Up North Progressive receives comments from readers with both positive and negative feedback. One article that seems to cause the most grief so far is this one, because how dare anyone call out a college for opening schools, right? The most recent comment to this article comes from a man who works […]

Last week, Quiverfull cult member Josh Duggar admitted he had raped his sisters and girls in another family when he was a teen living in the home of the Christian patriarchy family brought into American homes via television. TLC has since canceled the show and several people within the religious fundamentalism movement, like Mike Huckabee, […]

Still on the internet. Stay classy, Pat. Also still hawking classical education, even telling one person his plans to open a hundred of them – each YEAR.

A recent mass email sent out by the chaplain of Hillsdale College caused a stir this week. The email, sent by Peter Beckwith, warned, “ugly things are happening in the Supreme Court.” He also stated, “I do not even think we can imagine the effects this could have on our nation, the church, and families.” […]

While Pasquale Battaglia and friends still frantically search for someone, anyone to charter it’s not really a taxpayer-funded Christian school Livingston Classical Academy (or is it Lindbom?), there’s a new friend joining the LCA team to help the God And Country Education Project become a taxpayer funded, for-profit charter school – Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter […]

On March 15, 2015 Jay McNally issued a statement that the prosecutor in Livingston County would go forward with pressing misdemeanor charges against Glen Ikens after his arrest on February 28th from Lindbom Elementary School, where an open house was being held for people interested in the proposed Hillsdale College classical charter school. The Livingston […]

And still demonstrating why he has no business ever opening a school at all. Scientists warning about climate change, which is very real and very much due to human activity, is just a ploy to get more money from the government. Not unlike a certain racist tea party member who wants the government to fund […]