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Gary Naeyaert reached a new low tonight. Michigan State Representative Charles Brunner called out the Michigan Department of Education’s really bad decision to give Brian “gotta save my meal ticket” Lynch more time to reduce the debt of Bay City Academy. BCA is the charter school that finally exposed convicted felon Steve Ingersoll for the […]

Notice how the kitten tries to catch the circles in the image on the paper? The kitten’s brain does the same thing as a human brain when they look at the same optical illusion. The circles on the edge move while the circles the eyes focus on remain stationary. This is because when we look at an […]

Last summer while the City of Flint suffered with lead poisoning and the Michigan media spent months laughing at tea party legislators Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat instead (thanks for reminding us, ABC), local media published stories about the foul water, people dying, and children getting sick. The state media paid no attention, and the […]

Things have certainly changed for Dr. Steve Ingersoll in just five short years. It was in January of 2010 when MAPSA posted this bit of news about Lake Superior State for-profit charter schools Grand Traverse Academy and Detroit Service Learning Academy getting together so DSLA could see Integrated Visual Learning at work. “Cutting-edge philosophy in […]

After over a year of negative news about Grand Traverse Academy, it’s probably a welcome respite to have some positive news about the for-profit charter school currently in need of an accountant and an attorney. That good news arrived today with the announcement that Mr. Lazur’s 6th grade class won third prize for their report […]

On March 10, 2015, Steve Ingersoll was convicted in a federal district court on three out of six counts of felony fraud. What’s been happening since then? A lot. The intrepid Miss. Fortune has all the wonderfully dirty details. Steve Ingersoll wants a new trial because he’s still pretty sure charter schools are banks. Also, […]

Yesterday the Up North Progressive had the pleasure of eating lunch with a group of dedicated public school education professionals working at a juvenile detention program. While chatting over our turkey soup, pork fried rice, and pizza, a quick browse through the local headlines brought up the most wonderful news: Testimony from an attorney who […]

Former Traverse City Area Public Schools Administrative Assistant Mary Gillison was arraigned on December 18 for allegedly embezzling between $1,000 and $20,000 over a five year period. It could be even more, but the statute of limitations is five years. Mary used to handle money at West Middle School dealing with yearbook sales, Scholastic book […]

Yesterday an article with the title, “He Stole Your Tax Dollars and GTA Tried To Cover It Up” was published on this blog. When a blog is published on Up North Progressive, it’s also published as a link on Facebook and Twitter. As soon as the article went live, @GTAReddit followed me. Obviously a bot […]

Miss Fortune once again provides readers with an exhaustive exposé of cover ups, shenanigans and denial going on with for-profit charter school Grand Traverse Academy and their former management company, Dr. Steve Ingersoll’s Smart Schools LLC. What the documents obtained through an FOIA request to Lake Superior State University, GTA’s for-profit charter school authorizer, shows […]

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