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Snyder spokesperson Jarrod Agen told the Associated Press that a group of Snyder’s inner circle created a tax-exempt PAC to raise funds for Snyder to tour the country starting next month after the state votes against raising the sales tax. With that defeat over his head, Snyder will likely want to get out of the […]

“It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself to resist invasions of it in the case of others, or their case, by change of circumstances, become his own. It behooves him too, in his own case, to give no example of concession, betraying the right of independent opinion by answering questions of […]

Congratulations on being selected for the important position of State Superintendent of Education. You have entered into a position where there are many old and new challenges to face. Public education in Michigan faces constant attacks from both the state and corporate education reformers, often working together to take our schools out of the hands […]

We are now less than two days away before the 2014 midterm election. Absentee ballots are coming in with reports of very high returns similar to a year we would be electing a president. This is good news, as it’s a fact that when more people vote, Democratic Party candidates win. Which is why it’s […]

Now that our anti-war treaty with Rome has expired, Carthage can muster an army and fight off these Numidians for good! Thank goodness Rome will leave us alone now that the debt is paid … Queen Olga of Kyiv burned alive 20 of our best men in a sauna for revenge after we murdered her […]

He’s lying to you. Why would you willingly vote for a liar? Fed up with lies and excuses? Vote for Mark Schauer on November 4 and bring honesty and integrity back to Lansing.

Our next governor, Mark Schauer, has a good plan for keeping jobs in Michigan. Make sure you vote on November 4 so he can use that plan, and many others to help Michigan.

Have you seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus? Has anyone seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus? Rick Snyder used a bus in 2010 when he first campaigned for governor of Michigan. Four years ago when he was running for office his bus could be seen all over the state making stop after stop to press flesh and […]

Mark Schauer was greeted in Reed City, Michigan, today by an enthusiastic crowd of people at The Depot on 200 N. Chestnut Street. People waved signs and cheered as he walked up to the porch to address the crowd gathered on a muggy Friday morning. Schauer didn’t waste any time with small talk as he […]