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Only one short week ago, Gary Naeyaert, self-proclaimed warrior for Team Jesus and aldius of billionaire Betsy DeVos, vented his frustration at the Michigan State School Board because Natasha Baker who refused to roll over and do everything Gary Naeyaert Betsy DeVos wanted: Eradicate Detroit Public Schools and replace the district with for-profit cancer schools […]

Ignorant, insulting, and underhanded are words that best describe Betsy DeVos’s press release about historically black colleges and universities on February 27, 2017. You really have to read the whole thing to get the full impact: “It sure was nice black folks had the option of attending schools for black people because schools for white […]

Yesterday Up North Progressive shared an audio recording of Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick answering questions at The Gathering in 2001. The Gathering is a right wing religious organization that rakes in about a billion dollars a year to fund Dominion Christian causes, such as infiltrating government and turning the United States into a […]

Remember who owns Bill Schuette when he runs for Governor in 2018.

Gary Naeyaert reached a new low tonight. Michigan State Representative Charles Brunner called out the Michigan Department of Education’s really bad decision to give Brian “gotta save my meal ticket” Lynch more time to reduce the debt of Bay City Academy. BCA is the charter school that finally exposed convicted felon Steve Ingersoll for the […]

Any time you have DeVos money GLEP in favor of something, you know it has to be a bad idea. H.B. 4822 is a really bad idea. H.B. 4822 requires third grade students to receive a satisfactory score on their ELA standardized mandatory state tests or repeat the third grade. The teacher has no say, […]

A Former National Heritage Academy teacher left a comment on this blog that must be shared. They know first-hand that for-profit charter schools are failing our children. I once worked for this company for three years in Ohio as a teacher and couldn’t be happier to be back in a public school that is getting […]

Miss Fortune found me last spring when Up North Progressive published the first article about Steve Ingersoll and his for-profit charter school scam on the state of Michigan. This blog focused on methodology, their approach to special education services (Everyone’s a visual learner), and the fact that the same vision therapy used in his schools […]

Addicts are a sad tragic reality of our society. They get used to using and want more, and want more, until they are caught for making a mess of themselves, their families, and their lives. The addict who insists they can stop using and turn their lives around on their own aren’t only lying to […]

Last week Gary Naeyaert @GLEP_MI tweeted an image that sparked outrage with many people in the state and earned the organization dedicated to destroying public education much deserved notoriety. After three additional tweets trying to explain what he meant by the meme to compare Michigan State School Superintendent Mike Flanagan to school segregation champion George […]