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Gateway to Success Academy has almost made it through its first year as a for-profit charter school leaching students and resources from real public schools. So far, they have a student population of 125 122 118 and shiny new sign complements of John and Anita Wilson. What else could Gateway to Success Academy need? How […]

Schools take plagiarism very seriously. Every public school has strict consequences for plagiarism, and all colleges and universities expel students for submitting someone else’s work without citation. There are tools available on the internet such as Copyscape or Grammerly that students, or anyone for that matter, can use to check and make sure their content […]

Shoreline Media continues to provide free advertising to John Wilson’s new for-profit charter school, Gateway To Success Academy. The school that his wife, Anita, promised would “never be for alternative ed” has a new facade to hide the old grocery store while they hire staff and recruit students from cash-strapped real public schools. Jamie Bandstra […]

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, The Justice Department indicted fracking developer Aubrey McClendon for bid-rigging over land deals. Less than 24 hours later, Aubrey McClendon drove his SUV at a high rate of speed into a wall and died instantly. Condolences to the family of Aubrey McClendon. Up North Progressive chose to not publish this […]

The Up North Progressive knows that Western Land Services Owner John Wilson reads this blog (Hello!). The anticipated reply to Friday’s article did not disappoint. Oh good Lord! Both G2S and Oaktree Academy are 501c non-profit educational institutions. We’ve invested $250,000 into South Hamlin School to rehab a school that was literally falling apart. Our […]

For-profit charter school of the future Gateway To Success Academy announced open enrollment for their program scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. Gateway is the brain child of former Journey Alternative High School Principal, Jamie Bandstra, and Western Land Services owner John Wilson. Bandstra began working and promoting the project while still principal […]

The Ludington Daily News recently reported on the fate of some of the former students of Journey Junior Senior High School. The alternative school was closed at the end of the 2015 school year due to maintenance of the building not up to code. All of the students relocated to their home districts, and MCC […]

This comment was submitted to the Lake County Star in response to their story about for-profit charter school Gateway To Success Academy’s presentation to the Baldwin Community Schools board. The Lake County Star did not publish the comment. Last week, the Lake County Star reported Jamie Bandstra presented the new for-profit charter school, Gateway To […]

Apparently, the commenter from Ypsilanti does. Almost a month after leaving a comment on this story, she returned to leave another comment. Despite the Michigan Department of Education listing Castlebond Enterprises as the for-profit manager of Gateway To Success, it was never ever true. West Shore Education Service District has no clue what they’re doing […]

Autumn is a season of changes. The days grow cooler, the leaves change color, and everyone prepares for the coming winter. On rare days when the air is clear and the weather is still pleasant, a drive along country roads to enjoy the color, stop at a farmer’s market to buy pumpkins, apples and fresh […]