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Gary Glenn in his never ending quest to prove just how much of a jerk he can be has another entry in his political scrapbook, Michigan chapter. Remember the William Miller Letter? The letter from an 83 year old veteran that appeared all over the press last week declaring 98th State Legislature candidate Geoff Malicoat […]

Let’s cut young Jeremiah Ward some slack. Gary Glenn’s campaign manager didn’t realize doing sleazy things for your boss isn’t a good idea. Of course, the 19 year old campaign manager is learning how to do politics from a guy who invented doing sleazy things because he thinks that’s how politicians actually do politics. Perhaps […]

Like a narcissistic moth to a media flame, Michigan State Representative for the 98th District Gary Glenn found this humble blog with a post about how much he craves attention, especially when it pairs his name with someone who is more famous or powerful than he is. If he does it enough, some of that […]

Gary Glenn documented every instance of his name on his Facebook page this week in relation to Rick Snyder being the first state governor to ban, then put on hold relocating Syrian refugees to Michigan. Glenn shared his press release and quotes from online news, broadcast, and print sources such as Midland Daily News, Mlive, […]

It’s clear from watching Gary Glenn on the most recent episode of Capital Report on PBS (And what is Gary Glenn doing on evil socialist Public Television funded by private property theft i.e. tax dollars?) that he doesn’t think too highly of the Founding Fathers or the U.S. Constitution. In the first fifteen minutes of […]

Agenda Alert — Midland Daily News’ new news editor: political science major who “lives in Midland with (his)… — Gary Glenn (@GaryGlennUS) March 22, 2015 While most people spent the last Sunday morning eating eggs and candy, Gary Glenn (R-Homophobe) Waited until the early morning to issue a statement that attempts to mimic an […]

Back in November Pete Lund came up with a really bad idea. Let’s split the electoral votes Michigan has in the presidential election between the winner and runner up. That way, the state becomes even more irrelevant to candidates who need to win the most electoral votes to make it to the 270 finish line […]

Last week in the wake of the Steve Scalise scandal, David Duke, the leader of the European-American Unity Rights Organization where Scalise made his career-changing speech informed the press to leave the future House Majority Whip alone or he would share the names of other politicians he shares donors with. While the press waited with […]

Mark your calendars and get your tickets, the big powwow at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant is coming and you don’t want to miss it. The date for the event is January 9th and 10th. Before you think attending this event will offer an opportunity to experience the spiritual culture of Native […]

Whether you live up north or down state in Michigan, one of the most interesting aspects of the 2014 election that barely anyone’s talking about is the split in the Republican big tent. And by split I mean yawning Hell’s Canyon-deep chasm (Hell’s Canyon is on the Idaho-Oregon border. I mention Idaho for a reason). […]

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