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If there’s one thing schools hate, it’s scandal. They will do anything possible to avoid their name in the paper involving any wrong doing, real or perceived; which is why the staff and parents of GTA are probably living a total nightmare right now (and lets face it, have been for years). The Traverse City […]

Gateway to Success Academy has almost made it through its first year as a for-profit charter school leaching students and resources from real public schools. So far, they have a student population of 125 122 118 and shiny new sign complements of John and Anita Wilson. What else could Gateway to Success Academy need? How […]

Shoreline Media continues to provide free advertising to John Wilson’s new for-profit charter school, Gateway To Success Academy. The school that his wife, Anita, promised would “never be for alternative ed” has a new facade to hide the old grocery store while they hire staff and recruit students from cash-strapped real public schools. Jamie Bandstra […]

All of the articles written about the criminal enterprise known as Bay City Academy are worth it when someone comes forward and confirms what we know must be happening inside the walls of this for-profit charter school. A former teacher of BCA bravely commented tonight to share the harsh truth: Rep. Charles Brunner is right […]

For-profit charter school of the future Gateway To Success Academy announced open enrollment for their program scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. Gateway is the brain child of former Journey Alternative High School Principal, Jamie Bandstra, and Western Land Services owner John Wilson. Bandstra began working and promoting the project while still principal […]

So if I read this correctly, Islam won’t be a totalitarian theocracy if they have better breathing. It’s funny when a guy promoting for-profit schools that will teach Americans are better off living in a religious totalitarian theocracy condemns a religious totalitarian theocracy.

We’ve all laughed about Fox News being duped by The Onion, America’s finest news source, and publishing the parody websites’ stories as if they were actual news. It’s happened to a few other legitimate news sources often enough people now read a headline and ask, “Is this real, or The Onion?” Today, it happened to […]

Still on the internet. Stay classy, Pat. Also still hawking classical education, even telling one person his plans to open a hundred of them – each YEAR.

After over a year of negative news about Grand Traverse Academy, it’s probably a welcome respite to have some positive news about the for-profit charter school currently in need of an accountant and an attorney. That good news arrived today with the announcement that Mr. Lazur’s 6th grade class won third prize for their report […]

On March 10, 2015, Steve Ingersoll was convicted in a federal district court on three out of six counts of felony fraud. What’s been happening since then? A lot. The intrepid Miss. Fortune has all the wonderfully dirty details. Steve Ingersoll wants a new trial because he’s still pretty sure charter schools are banks. Also, […]