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Last summer while the City of Flint suffered with lead poisoning and the Michigan media spent months laughing at tea party legislators Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat instead (thanks for reminding us, ABC), local media published stories about the foul water, people dying, and children getting sick. The state media paid no attention, and the […]

While the federal circuit court in Bay City gives those of us paying attention to Steve Ingersoll’s sentencing hearing January blue balls, Miss Fortune continues to share what she’s learned from the testimony given during December court proceedings. Bay City Academy’s in debt so bad they sent an unapproved debt reduction plan to the state […]

Have you been catching all the media coverage about Steve Ingersoll and his impending sentencing hearing on October 20, 2015? If you missed it, that’s because the media isn’t talking about all the pre-sentencing hijinks going on between the Bay City/Traverse City “philanthropist”, the court, and the federal government. As usual, the only place to […]

We’ve all laughed about Fox News being duped by The Onion, America’s finest news source, and publishing the parody websites’ stories as if they were actual news. It’s happened to a few other legitimate news sources often enough people now read a headline and ask, “Is this real, or The Onion?” Today, it happened to […]

Today in federal district court Steve Ingersoll was found guilty on 3 of 6 fraud charges. His literal partner in crime, Roy Bradley, was found guilty of a sole count of fraud. The wives and sibling also named in the indictment were acquitted. Ingersoll is still free on bond, and will be sentenced on June […]

The Steve Ingersoll federal fraud trial adjourned until February 24 due to a juror becoming ill. The first week already revealed the long-established habit of money mishandling that brought Dr. Ingersoll to a federal district court room. Miss Fortune and Bay City Times crime reporter Cole Waterman both do an excellent job covering the trial. […]

Miss Fortune has been doing an excellent job as always of covering the pre-trial shenanigans of taxpayer money embezzler, for-profit charter school manager Dr. Steve Ingersoll. The latest silliness that compelled the judge to make yet another decision about the optometrist’s behavior included telling Ingersoll flat out he wasn’t allowed to talk to the prosecution’s […]

Former Traverse City Area Public Schools Administrative Assistant Mary Gillison was arraigned on December 18 for allegedly embezzling between $1,000 and $20,000 over a five year period. It could be even more, but the statute of limitations is five years. Mary used to handle money at West Middle School dealing with yearbook sales, Scholastic book […]

Miss Fortune once again provides readers with an exhaustive exposé of cover ups, shenanigans and denial going on with for-profit charter school Grand Traverse Academy and their former management company, Dr. Steve Ingersoll’s Smart Schools LLC. What the documents obtained through an FOIA request to Lake Superior State University, GTA’s for-profit charter school authorizer, shows […]

UPDATE: This article states Ingersoll’s new trial date is February 10, as reported in the Traverse City Record Eagle. At this time, no firm date is set for the Ingersoll Federal Trial. The Traverse City Record Eagle last Friday reported that Steve Ingersoll’s trial has been delayed a third time. The new date is February […]