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If there’s one thing schools hate, it’s scandal. They will do anything possible to avoid their name in the paper involving any wrong doing, real or perceived; which is why the staff and parents of GTA are probably living a total nightmare right now (and lets face it, have been for years). The Traverse City […]

On March 10, 2015, Steve Ingersoll was convicted in a federal district court on three out of six counts of felony fraud. What’s been happening since then? A lot. The intrepid Miss. Fortune has all the wonderfully dirty details. Steve Ingersoll wants a new trial because he’s still pretty sure charter schools are banks. Also, […]

Up North Progressive recently had the distinction of being featured on Diane Ravitch’s blog this week. The Steve Ingersoll trial received much deserved national exposure when two teachers’ accounts of their experiences working for Dr. Ingersoll, published on this blog, was quoted by MSU Music Education Professor, Dr. Mitchell Robinson. More people need to know […]

Victory! On September 19 State Rep. Charles Brunner (D-Bay City) joined other Michigan House Democrats in supporting a bill that requires better transparency and accountability with Michigan’s for-profit charter schools and with stricter rules for state charter authorizers. Brunner’s example for why he supports State House Bill 5852 couldn’t be more appropriate. Bay City Academy […]

Grand Traverse Academy made many changes over the summer to make it appear like they have distanced themselves from Dr. Steve Ingersoll. His business partner, Dr. Mark Noss, formed a new LLC to act as management company for GTA. The school has a new superintendent and the person doing the books at Smart Schools LLC, […]

Dr. Mark Noss is Dr. Steve Ingersoll’s business partner. They developed Integrated Visual Learning and train people how to be specialists in IVL therapy. People as far as away as Denmark have come to Michigan for training in this therapy. Did the Danish trainees find Excel Institute through a Facebook ad like this one? Dr. […]

It’s that time of year when school districts advertise staff vacancies, then hire in-house because they can’t afford to put more desperately needed staff on the payroll. Some teachers issued pink slips over the summer get to breathe a sigh of relief and go back to work. Some won’t be so lucky and get to […]

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