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While rescue efforts continue in Houston and Hurricane Harvey continues to drop trillions of gallons of water on the city, people do what comes naturally in the 21st Century – head on over to social media to politicize a real-time tragedy. Trumptards, real and bot, are no exception; except as usual they don’t worry about […]

Pissboy Trump now occupies the White House. On Friday he spoke before a minuscule crowd and paraded through empty streets. This is all documented, however Trump would have none of it. Yesterday while addressing the CIA in Langley, Virginia, Trump railed against the media for saying his inauguration was poorly attended (it was) before hinting […]

The Trumpster quote #1#ANewJeersToast — Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) January 8, 2017 Billy West’s recordings of Trump quotes during the 2016 campaign were genius. Mark Hamill’s is also brilliant. The GOP of course could care less they just elected a cartoon villain into the White House.

Yesterday, while Reince Priebus declared Trump the new messiah, images of Christmas from the homes of Trump supporters appeared on social media. Indeed, Trump, reading Priebus’s statement, even sent himself an online Christmas card to celebrate the holiday being all about him. And this image celebrating how wonderfully different Christmas feels this year now that […]

Elliott Lusztig on twitter posted this about Donald Trump’s lie that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. It’s a lie that has been repeated by Trump staff and Trump supporters since he originally posted the lie to social media. Remember this with Republicans: They never make statements of fact. They make statements of intention. The […]

Yesterday Up North Progressive shared an audio recording of Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick answering questions at The Gathering in 2001. The Gathering is a right wing religious organization that rakes in about a billion dollars a year to fund Dominion Christian causes, such as infiltrating government and turning the United States into a […]

Just in time so everyone would be too busy peeling potatoes and baking pies to notice, Donald Trump tapped wife and daughter of Dominion Christianity Michigan Billionaires, Betsy Prince DeVos. The wife of Dick DeVos and sister of Erik Prince(founder of the now defunct Blackwater mercs for hire), this princess of Dutch Reformed Ada Township […]

The Up North Progressive has been quiet since the election, and for good reason. As the election night returns came in, and it was obvious the most unqualified bigoted moron to ever run for the office was about to win over the most qualified, progressive candidate to run for the office, a phrase repeated over […]

RT (Russia Today) is a cable news channel out of Russia. They broadcast nothing unless the Kremlin approves it. At a recent RT dinner, two prominent Americans in politics sat at Vladimir Putin’s table. One of them is Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, the man with a red circle around him is Michael […]