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Yesterday Up North Progressive shared an audio recording of Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick answering questions at The Gathering in 2001. The Gathering is a right wing religious organization that rakes in about a billion dollars a year to fund Dominion Christian causes, such as infiltrating government and turning the United States into a […]

Just in time so everyone would be too busy peeling potatoes and baking pies to notice, Donald Trump tapped wife and daughter of Dominion Christianity Michigan Billionaires, Betsy Prince DeVos. The wife of Dick DeVos and sister of Erik Prince(founder of the now defunct Blackwater mercs for hire), this princess of Dutch Reformed Ada Township […]

Remember who owns Bill Schuette when he runs for Governor in 2018.

Betsy DeVos couldn’t write enough checks in 2002 to trash public education in Michigan with vouchers, but that didn’t stop her from working to spread school voucher cancer to other states. Today on her ironically named national organization’s website came the sad news that Nevada succumbed to the disease that will never provide better education […]

Miss Fortune found me last spring when Up North Progressive published the first article about Steve Ingersoll and his for-profit charter school scam on the state of Michigan. This blog focused on methodology, their approach to special education services (Everyone’s a visual learner), and the fact that the same vision therapy used in his schools […]

This list is courtesy of Mark Sleep. Please share. 1.8 billion in tax cuts to businesses that had to be made up elsewhere. (3) secret funds whose donors were unknown and what they were for. EFM change that gave dictator like power to an unelected official. When voters voted against it they changed the law […]

UPDATE GLEP removed the offensive tweet comparing Superintendent Mike Flanagan with George Wallace. We apologize for anyone offended by our post comparing @suptflanagan with George Wallace. It was inappropriate and has been removed. — GLEP (@GLEP_MI) August 15, 2014 This is the image that was removed from GLEP’s twitter feed. Too bad once something is […]

Nolan Finley’s editorial in today’s Detroit News had the distinct tone of someone who thinks he understands a problem but hasn’t considered all of the facts before firing off an editorial about why this is all wrong and it shouldn’t be this way. What Finley doesn’t seem to realize, and perhaps this is the case […]

Betsy DeVos is a woman on a crusade. Her goal for the state of Michigan is one thing, and that is eliminating public education from the state forever. Since 2001 Betsy DeVos with her husband Dick have spent over a million dollars on supporting candidates in Michigan who vote the way they want on promoting […]

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