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Today the Michigan Department of Education listed 11 charter school authorizers who have not met expectations for providing oversight with the charter school management companies they issued charters to open schools. If they do not improve, they face suspension and will no longer be able to issue charters. Of the list of 11 authorizers, Lake […]

UPDATE: Mike Flanagan announced he will retire when his contract ends in 2015. Another reason it’s vitally important that Mark Schauer is our next governor. In the days since the Detroit Free Press published their eight-day series on charter schools in Michigan, the talk in the state has been how to make charter schools more […]

Have you ever seen a happier group of people? They’re giving each other a big group hug and flashing their brightest smiles at the camera. Just by looking at it, this picture could be one of many possible events. It could be an office party, a wedding reception or even a convention meet and greet […]

The Detroit Free Press will publish an exposé on Michigan charter schools in a series of stories that began on Sunday and runs through this week. Charter schools are pushed into communities by politicians backed with big money. In Michigan, Betsy DeVos uses her vast wealth and influence to eliminate public education from the state […]

Muskegon Heights Schools voted to hire a superintendent and go to the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District for management of their district for the next three years. The Muskegon Heights Charter School Board will draft the paperwork and vote to approve the changes to the school district on June 25th. Muskegon Heights Schools are still […]

When you’re an optometrist in the charter school business and your business model is based on selling parents eyeglasses for their children and curing them of ADHD with your own personal brand of vision therapy, it becomes necessary to also develop curriculum that supports the education concepts of that model. Dr Ingersoll claims to have […]

GREETINGS DELTA CHARTER SCHOOL VISITORS! Please click this link for an update on the Steve Ingersoll story. Michigan has lots of charter schools. The state leads the United States in charter school creation. These schools are advertised to parents as an alternative to public education often offering specialties such as fine arts and science, or […]

Betsy DeVos is a woman on a crusade. Her goal for the state of Michigan is one thing, and that is eliminating public education from the state forever. Since 2001 Betsy DeVos with her husband Dick have spent over a million dollars on supporting candidates in Michigan who vote the way they want on promoting […]

One month ago Dr. Steve Ingersoll and his wife Deborah were both charged with several counts of fraud, including defrauding Chemical Bank, the United States and tax evasion by a federal grand jury. The optometrist and wife team, along with his brother and another couple who owned a construction company engaged in a dizzy dance […]

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