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Midland/Bay City may be stretching Northern Michigan a bit far, but for this election, it’s really necessary. Geoff Malicoat is an attorney in Midland, Michigan, and he’s running for the state’s 98th District. A Democratic candidate running in a heavily gerrymandered district that favors Republican votes is an uphill battle, but Malicoat is running against […]

Yesterday the Up North Progressive had the pleasure of eating lunch with a group of dedicated public school education professionals working at a juvenile detention program. While chatting over our turkey soup, pork fried rice, and pizza, a quick browse through the local headlines brought up the most wonderful news: Testimony from an attorney who […]

Miss Fortune has been doing an excellent job as always of covering the pre-trial shenanigans of taxpayer money embezzler, for-profit charter school manager Dr. Steve Ingersoll. The latest silliness that compelled the judge to make yet another decision about the optometrist’s behavior included telling Ingersoll flat out he wasn’t allowed to talk to the prosecution’s […]

Way back in the first article ever written about Steve Ingersoll, his too good to be true vision therapy that cures ADHD and Austism, and his really bad habit of stealing Michigan tax payer money that could have been used to educate students, there was another name facing charges with him: Building contractor Roy Bradley. […]

Woop, there it is. Steve Ingersoll owes Bay City $186,000 in unpaid property taxes, at least $1.6 million to Grand Traverse Academy for pre-paid fees overpayment, and he’s facing felony fraud charges for embezzling half of a $2 million building loan into his personal bank account. Yet with a December 2 trial date looming, he […]

Victory! On September 19 State Rep. Charles Brunner (D-Bay City) joined other Michigan House Democrats in supporting a bill that requires better transparency and accountability with Michigan’s for-profit charter schools and with stricter rules for state charter authorizers. Brunner’s example for why he supports State House Bill 5852 couldn’t be more appropriate. Bay City Academy […]

GREETINGS DELTA CHARTER SCHOOL VISITORS! Please click this link for an update on the Steve Ingersoll story. Michigan has lots of charter schools. The state leads the United States in charter school creation. These schools are advertised to parents as an alternative to public education often offering specialties such as fine arts and science, or […]

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