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This is Jeff Sieting. He’s the Village President of Kalkaska, Michigan. This pure up north town is known for trout fishing. They celebrate the sport with a giant trout fountain on Main Street. Jeff Sieting owns the Hotel Sieting across the street from the fountain. He’s worked hard for the village making things better, and […]

If you’re a big fan of the Sunday Morning news shows you just got your first big dose of a man named Jay Sekulow. Never heard of him? Unless you’re a regular viewer of the 700 Club and CBN “News” you probably haven’t had much exposure to this legal titan of religious liberty, or the […]

whew, 10 days down, only 1450 days to go! Thank you, Judge Donnelly, for putting a stay on Bannon’s executive order signed by Trump and allowing legal residents to come into the country last night. This morning there are still reports that not all customs officials are following the court order won by the ACLU […]

Elliott Lusztig on twitter posted this about Donald Trump’s lie that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. It’s a lie that has been repeated by Trump staff and Trump supporters since he originally posted the lie to social media. Remember this with Republicans: They never make statements of fact. They make statements of intention. The […]

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