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Put this on continuous loop or do whatever it takes to get it through your head this is Paul Ryan’s agenda for health care in the United States, and always has been. Paul Ryan doesn’t like Trump, but Trump wants to repeal the ACA too, and if there is one thing we know about Paul […]

Good news everyone! Bill Huizenga’s going to be in Baldwin on Saturday, February 25, 2017, at Baldwin High School to meet with District Two constituents in Lake County: Today, Congressman Huizenga announced he will be holding a stop on his listening tour for residents of the Second District in Lake County on Saturday, February 25th […]

John Moolenar seems to be unhappy with his constituents. Respectful, civil and dignified discussion of the issues facing our country is a vital part of our republic. I will always engage in civil discourse and respect the policy differences between us on any issue. Right now, public debate is overheated on many issues, with health […]

If you had any doubts before about the cognitive level of Republican voters, remove all doubt. Everyone by now has seen the incredulous facebook exchange where an ignorant Trump voter crows about the end of Obamacare, only to have friends point out Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing – and which […]

If you don’t have the privilege of receiving the Huizenga Huddle in your email inbox, You’re missing out on all the Michigan District 2 News from the guy who makes it happen. Here’s just a small sample of everything Bill Huizenga’s been doing to prepare for Trump’s inauguration: This week, the Electoral College officially voted […]

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